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Table of contents - Special Issue: Computational Fluid Dynamics in Aerospace Engineering: Recent Advances

Guest Editors: Manigandan Sekar, Yasin Sohret

Power performance enhancement of vertical axis wind turbines by a novel gurney flap design

Milad Mousavi, Mehran Masdari, Mojtaba Tahani

Nowadays flaps and winglets are one of the main mechanisms to increase airfoil efficiency. This study aims to investigate the power performance of vertical axis wind turbines…

Global adaptive neural backstepping control of a flexible hypersonic vehicle with disturbance estimation

He-Wei Zhao, Li-bin Yang

This paper aims to discuss the precise altitude and velocity tracking control of a hypersonic vehicle, a global adaptive neural backstepping controller was studied based on a…

A simulation of the thermal environment of a plastic body of a new type of launch vehicle at the atmospheric phase of the trajectory

Andrii Dreus, Vitaly Yemets, Mykola Dron, Mykhailo Yemets, Aleksandr Golubek

Leading developers and providers in the modern space launch market note a splash in the development of ultralight launch vehicle (LV), driven by the growing demand for small…


Parametric and V&V study in a fundamental CFD process: revisiting the lid-driven cavity flow

Mingming Ge, Xin-Lei Zhang, Kaleb Brookshire, Olivier Coutier-Delgosha

The openings on aircraft structures can be modeled from an aerodynamical point of view as lid-driven cavities (LDC). This paper aims to show the primary verification and…

Estimation of the virtual masses of a large unconventional airship based on purely analytical method to aid in the preliminary design

Said Chaabani, Naoufel Azouz

This paper presents preliminary results of the modeling of a large autonomous quad-rotor airship, with flying wing shape. This airship is supposed to be a flexible body. This…

Design, modeling and simulation of a control surface-less tri-tilt-rotor UAV

Vinoth Kumar Annamalai, Selvakumaran Thunaipragasam

The purpose of this study is to design a flight control model for a control surface-less (CSL) tri-tilt-rotor (TTR) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based on a Proportional Integral…

Numerical modeling on dynamics of droplet in aircraft wing structure at different velocities

Nithya Subramani, Sangeetha M., Vijayaraja Kengaiah, Sai Prakash

The purpose of this paper is to find the droplets impact on the airplane wing structure. Two kinds of characteristics of the droplet at different velocity and viscosity are…

Development of cost-effective shock tube based on experimental and numerical analysis

Praveenkumar Thaloor Ramesh, Vijayaraja Kengaiah, Endalkachew Mosisa Gutema, Prabu Velusamy, Dhivya Balamoorthy

The purpose of the study is to design economical shock tube. It is an instrument used for experimental investigations not only related to shock phenomena but also for the behavior…

Rotating flow thorough parallel plates with the various inclined magnetic field under the influence of hall current

Chandrasekar Pichaimuthu, Ganesh Swaminathan

The Purpose of this study to examine the magneto hydrodynamics (MHD) using the analytical and numerical tool. In recent years, MHD growing tremendously due to the presence of…

Experimental and numerical simulation of the piston engine fueled with alternative fuel blends: CFD approach

Pradeep Uttam Gaikwad, Senthil Gnanamani, Nithya Subramani

The purpose of this paper is to find the pressure and the knocking phenomena. To get the pressure values, the butterworth bandpass filter was used and the potential of knocking…

Assessment of flight dynamic and static aeroelastic behaviors for jet transport aircraft subjected to instantaneous high g-loads

Yonghu Wang, Ray C. Chang, Wei Jiang

The purpose of this paper is to present a quick inspection method based on the post-flight data to examine static aeroelastic behavior for transport aircraft subjected to…

Numerical investigation of heat transfer effects on combustion in a generic gas turbine burner

Ender Hepkaya, Nuri Yucel

This study aims to methodologically investigate heat transfer effects on reacting flow inside a liquid-fueled, swirl-stabilized burner. Furthermore, particular attention is paid…

Weight minimization of fiber laminated composite beam for aircraft wing construction using exhaustive enumeration algorithm and numerical modeling

Rohit R. Ghadge, Prakash S.

This paper aims to focus on calculating the number of layers of composite laminates required to take the applied load made up of graphite/epoxy (AS4/3501-6) which can be used in…

Investigation of mixing characteristics of coflow rectangular nozzle of aspect ratio 2 and 3

Vignesh Kumar Murugesan, Aravindh Kumar Suseela Moorthi, Ganapathy Subramanian L. Ramachandran

The purpose of this study is to understand experimentally the mixing characteristics of a two-stream exhaust system with a supersonic Mach 1.5 primary jet that exits the…

Analytical modeling on the coloring of certain graphs for applications of air traffic and air scheduling management

Manjula T., Rajeswari R., Praveenkumar T.R.

The purpose of this paper is to assess the application of graph coloring and domination to solve the airline-scheduling problem. Graph coloring and domination in graphs have…

Irregular deviation of flight control surface monitoring for jet transport aircraft

Ray C. Chang, Yangnan Lv, Jing Shi, Ningying Chen

The purpose of this paper is to present the irregular deviation examination of flight control surfaces and the potential problem diagnosis of irregular deviations for the jet…

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