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Table Of Contents: Volume 89 Issue 4

Java framework for parametric aircraft design – ground performance

Vittorio Trifari, Manuela Ruocco, Vincenzo Cusati, Fabrizio Nicolosi, Agostino De Marco

This paper aims to introduce the take-off and landing performance analysis modules of the software library named Java toolchain of Programs for Aircraft Design (JPAD)…

A comprehensive review of vertical tail design

Fabrizio Nicolosi, Danilo Ciliberti, Pierluigi Della Vecchia, Salvatore Corcione, Vincenzo Cusati

This work aims to deal with a comprehensive review of design methods for aircraft directional stability and vertical tail sizing. The focus on aircraft directional…

Robust design and optimization of UAV empennage

Witold Artur Klimczyk, Zdobyslaw Jan Goraj

This paper aims to address the issue of designing aerodynamically robust empennage. Aircraft design optimization often narrowed to analysis of cruise conditions does not…

Adaptive design of experiments for efficient and accurate estimation of aerodynamic loads

Andrea Da Ronch, Marco Panzeri, M. Anas Abd Bari, Roberto d’Ippolito, Matteo Franciolini

The purpose of this paper is to document an efficient and accurate approach to generate aerodynamic tables using computational fluid dynamics. This is demonstrated in the…

Cross-flow effects regarding laminar flow control within conceptual aircraft design

Florian Schueltke, Eike Stumpf

Laminarization of commercial aircraft surfaces is the most promising technology to reduce fuel consumption and ecological impact. As laminar flow highly depends on…

Morphing wing with skin discontinuity – kinematic concept

Andrzej Tarnowski

This paper aims to describe the concept of morphing tailless aircraft with discontinuous skin and its preliminary kinematic solution. Project assumptions, next steps and…

Agricultural aircraft wing slat tolerance for bird strike

Adam Deskiewicz, Rafał Perz

The aim of this study is to assess and describe possible consequences of a bird strike on a Polish-designed PZL-106 Kruk agricultural aircraft. Due to its susceptibility…

The electric-powered motorglider AOS-71 – the study of development

Jędrzej Marjanowski, Jan Tomasiewicz, Wojciech Frączek

The purpose of this paper is to present the process of design and prototyping of a two-seat, electric-powered, self-launching motorglider AOS-71 closely connected with the…

Design of novel aerial jet target

Zdobyslaw Jan Goraj, Marek Malinowski, Andrzej Frydrychewicz

This paper aims to present and discuss the requirements for flying targets which sometimes are contradictory to each other and to perform a trade-off analysis before the…

Sizing implications of a regional aircraft for inner-city operations

Philipp Heinemann, Michael Schmidt, Felix Will, Sascha Kaiser, Christoph Jeßberger, Mirko Hornung

The paper aims to assess the potential of aircraft operation from city centres to achieve shortened travel times and the involved aircraft design process.

Practical problems of numerical optimization in aerospace sciences

Jacek Mieloszyk

The paper aims to apply numerical optimization to the aircraft design procedures applied in the airspace industry.



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