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Dynamic loading systems for ground testing of high speed aerospace actuators

Jean‐Charles Mare

To develop structured guidelines for the synthesis of dynamic force simulators that are required for the testing of high speed aerospace actuators. To provide realistic…


The cheap air data computer for aviation applications

Jacek Pieniazek, Tomasz Rogalski

To present both the construction and sample applications of the small, low‐cost air data computer (ADC) with CAN interface, which has been designed at Avionics Department…

Local‐global stereo matching algorithm

Jie Zhao, Shuchun Yu, Hegao Cai

In order to solve the problem that dynamic programming (DP) stereo algorithm is slow, a local‐global stereo matching algorithm is presented. In this method, local and…

Control of suddenly expanded flow

S.A. Khan, E. Rathakrishnan

This paper presents an experimental investigation to study the effectiveness of micro jets under the influence of Over, Under, and Correct expansion to control the base…

Simple virtual attitude sensors for general aviation aircraft

Andrzej Tomczyk

This paper aims to present a proposal of a simple analytical redundancy method using for virtual attitude reference system design. The main idea of the project is applied…

Numerical modelling and simulation of heat pipe receiver

Xiaohong Gui, Xiugan Yuan, Xiange Song, Wq Xu

In this paper, the purpose of research is to verify good thermal performance of heat pipe receiver.

Re‐aligning of further and higher education with the aircraft engineering sector

Jeff Watson

To provide a conceptual document to generate discussion on the subject of licensed aircraft engineer training.


Development of methods identifying parameters in reaction wheel assembly disturbance model

Yang Zhao, Jie Sun, Hao Tian

To set up the analytical model of reaction wheel assembly (RWA) by using the other theory and to provide a new method to identify the parameters of the empirical model of RWA.

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