Aslib Proceedings: Volume 65 Issue 6


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Linking to the past: an analysis of community digital heritage initiatives

Elizabeth Tait, Marsaili MacLeod, David Beel, Claire Wallace, Chris Mellish, Stuart Taylor

Community initiatives to collate and manage different kinds of cultural forms and resources are a popular way for local people to engage with the heritage of their area…


Supporting group collaboration in Wiki by increasing the awareness of task conflict

Kewen Wu, Julita Vassileva, Qinghua Zhu, Hui Fang, Xiaojie Tan

Wiki forms a new model of virtual collaboration. The original wiki is designed to hide content authorship information. Such design may hinder users from being aware of…


A spatial exploration of factors affecting digitalization of farmers' associations in Taiwan

Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Tzy-Ling Chen, Chien-Tso Chen

This study aimed to examine organizational digitalization of farmers' associations (FAs) by conducting internal and external analyses of the contextual and geo-spatial…

Web structure and influence of the Arab universities of the MENA zone (Middle East and North Africa): Visualization and analysis

Benjamin Vargas-Quesada, Khaldoon Mohammad Oglah Al-Dwairi, Cristina Faba-Perez, Felix de Moya-Anegón

This article aims to display the structure and reveal the web influence of institutions in the MENA zone, in geographic terms (country) and academic terms (universities)…

Multilevel analysis of work context and social support climate in libraries

Chen-Chi Chang, Cheng-Chieh Wu

The paper aims to clarify the relationship between organizational identification, knowledge sharing and work characteristics. It proposes hierarchical linear modeling…

Patterns of co-authorship and research collaboration in Malaysia

Ming Yu Cheng, Kai Wah Hen, Hoi Piew Tan, Kuk Fai Fok

– By exploring the patterns of co-authorship, this paper aims to identify the degree and type of research collaboration in Malaysia.




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