Aslib Proceedings: Volume 62 Issue 4/5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Content architecture: exploiting and managing diverse resources: proceedings of the first national conference of the United Kingdom chapter of the International Society for Knowedge Organization (ISKO)

Guest Editors: Vanda Broughton

The fall and rise of knowledge organization: new dimensions of subject description and retrieval

Vanda Broughton

The purpose of this editorial is to introduce the selected Proceedings of the 1st National Conference of ISKO UK, the UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge…


Semantic targeting: past, present, and future

David Crystal

This paper seeks to explicate the notion of “semantics”, especially as it is being used in the context of the internet in general and advertising in particular.


Developing information architecture through records management classification techniques

Christopher Milne

This work aims to draw attention to information retrieval philosophies and techniques allied to the records management profession, advocating a wider professional…


Lessons learned in content architecture harmonization and metadata models

Shana Wagger, Randi Park, Denise Ann Dowding Bedford

This paper aims to review key content, architecture, and metadata model decisions and strategies in creation of a publication portal (on DVD to start), based on a 30+ year…

“Content architecture”: Semantic interoperability in an international comprehensive knowledge organisation system

Felix Boteram

This paper seeks to develop a specified typology of various levels of semantic interoperability, designed to provide semantically expressive and functional means to…


Integration of distributed terminology resources to facilitate subject cross‐browsing for library portal systems

Libo Eric Si, Ann O'Brien, Steve Probets

The paper aims to develop a prototype middleware framework between different terminology resources in order to provide a subject cross‐browsing service for library portal systems.

Ordinary image retrieval in a multilingual context: A comparison of two indexing vocabularies

Elaine Ménard

This paper seeks to examine image retrieval within two different contexts: a monolingual context where the language of the query is the same as the indexing language and a…


Large‐scale grid computing for content‐based image retrieval

Chris Town, Karl Harrison

Content‐based image retrieval (CBIR) technologies offer many advantages over purely text‐based image search. However, one of the drawbacks associated with CBIR is the…

An evaluation of enhancing social tagging with a knowledge organization system

Brian Matthews, Catherine Jones, Bartłomiej Puzoń, Jim Moon, Douglas Tudhope, Koraljka Golub, Marianne Lykke Nielsen

Traditional subject indexing and classification are considered infeasible in many digital collections. This paper seeks to investigate ways of enhancing social tagging via…


Excavating grey literature: A case study on the rich indexing of archaeological documents via natural language‐processing techniques and knowledge‐based resources

Andreas Vlachidis, Ceri Binding, Douglas Tudhope, Keith May

This paper sets out to discuss the use of information extraction (IE), a natural language‐processing (NLP) technique to assist “rich” semantic indexing of diverse…


Semantic metadata annotation: tagging Medline abstracts for enhanced information access

Fidelia Ibekwe‐SanJuan

The object of this study is to develop methods for automatically annotating the argumentative role of sentences in scientific abstracts. Working from Medline abstracts…

Organising music for movies

Charles Inskip, Andy MacFarlane, Pauline Rafferty

The purpose of this paper is to examine and discuss the classification of commercial popular music when large digital collections are organised for use in films.


Adventures in tagging: local history in East London

Danny Budzak

This paper aims to describe the development of an online project in East London about local history.


Biodiversity information retrieval across networked data sets

K.K.S. Sarinder, L.H.S. Lim, A.F. Merican, K. Dimyati

Biodiversity resources are inevitably digital and stored in a wide variety of formats by researchers or stakeholders. In Malaysia, although digitizing biodiversity data…

Faceted classification for museum artefacts: A methodology to support web site development of large cultural organizations

Elaine Ménard, Sabine Mas, Inge Alberts

This research project aims to provide a new visual representation of the Artefacts Canada digital collection, as well as a means for users to browse this content…




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