The Emerald Handbook of Blockchain for Business

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Part I Blockchain: History and Background


Blockchain is an emerging technology that started in the cryptocurrency sphere with bitcoin but expanded to include numerous applications. This chapter provides an overview of the book. It begins by identifying the three main components of a blockchain. Next, it discusses the book's purpose, distinguishing features, and its intended audience. The chapter then outlines the book's structure, consisting of 22 chapters divided into four main parts. It offers a brief synopsis of each section and chapter. Finally, it ends with a summary and conclusions.

Part III The Frontier of Blockchain Technology


This chapter explores blockchain's five key elements ‒ distribution, encryption, immutability, tokenization, and decentralization. It also examines blockchain's potential to revolutionize today's businesses by looking at the efficiency and transparency blockchain brings to business processes. In addition, the chapter discusses the added benefits of traceability and potentially decreasing long-term costs before reviewing some of the known technical challenges blockchain faces today especially pertaining to commercial and enterprise adoption. Limited block size and low-transaction rates potentially inhibit blockchain's ability to scale to meet the needs of current and future enterprises. The lack of blockchain standards, along with creating multiple blockchains, complicates interoperability between the various blockchain platforms. The chapter concludes by offering potential solutions to blockchain's current technical challenges and how enterprises might adapt blockchain in the future.

Part IV Blockchain Applications in Business

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