“Conflict-Free” Socio-Economic Systems

Perspectives and Contradictions

“Conflict-free” Socio-Economic Systems: Perspectives and Contradictions analyses crisis as a component of the growth and development process of economic systems, and its role within the economic cycle. The scientific treatment of the role of crisis in the development of economic systems has traditionally been divided into two conceptual approaches. The first conceptual approach views crisis as a possibility to reconsider the trajectory of economic development of both the national systems and the global economic system overall. However, most scholars, politicians, and experts focus on the second conceptual approach, within which economic crisis is seen as a temporary failure in the work of a system which hinders the process of economic growth and development. This became a precondition for proclaiming a new course of development of the modern national and global economic system oriented at sustainability. This book provides a strong theoretical and methodological basis to sustainable development of economic systems, for researchers and scholars in the area of economic theory and sustainable economics. In locating the role of crisis within socio-economic systems, Popkova advocates the concept of a “conflict-free” system as the landmark of global economic development.

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  • Elena G. Popkova


Part I The Theory of Conflicts in Socio-economic Systems Part II Legal Conflict Part III Legal Focus of Inter-corporate Financial Conflictology Part IV The Concept of Growth and Development of Socio-economic Systems Part V Conceptual Substantiation of Studying Crises of Socio-economic Systems from the Positions of the Theory of Conflicts Part VI Reconsidering the Role of Crises in Development of Socio-economic Systems as a Result of the 2008 Global Crisis Part VII Classification of Participants of the Global Economic System from the Position of the Theory of Economic Cycles Part VIII “Conflict-free” as a New Direction of Development of Modern Socio-economic Systems Part IX The Fundamental Platform for Studying “Conflict-free” Socio-economic Systems Part X Perspectives of Managing “Conflict-free” Socio-economic Systems