Models of Modern Information Economy

Conceptual Contradictions and Practical Examples

This book determines the basic characteristics of an information economy and studies the main stages of information economy development. It offers a fresh perspective on the concept of modern information economy while providing a new theoretical model that supports the development of a well-balanced information economy.

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  • Alexander P. Sukhodolov
  • Elena G. Popkova
  • Tatiana N. Litvinova


Part I Theoretical Model of Modern Information Economy Part II Practical Experience of Formation of Information Economy’s Model Part III Peculiarities of Information Economy in Modern Russia Part IV Logical Disparities of the Model of Information Economy Part V Recommendations for Optimization of the Model of Information Economy Part VI The Key Characteristics of the Optimization Model of Well-Balanced Information Economy Part VII Methodological Provision of Monitoring and Control Over Implementation of the Optimization Model of Information Economy Part VIII Adaptation of the Optimization Model to the Modern Russia’s Economy