Recent Developments in Transport Modelling

Lessons for the Freight Sector

The book is divided into three main parts. The first part is about Professor Marvin L. Manheim and his path breaking contributions to transportation. The main chapter, written by him, is based on the keynote presentation he delivered at the opening session of the 1998 World Conference on Transport Research in Antwerp. It presents his vision for the role of ICTs in transport; a vision that was revolutionary in 1998 and is still valid and relevant today. The first part also includes an overview written by his widow and collaborator, Mary-Beth Manheim, describing his scientific contributions. The remainder of the book, parts two and three, is about freight transport modeling and policy, and presents an application of Manheim's TSA paradigm

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  • Moshe Ben-Akiva
  • Hilde Meersman
  • Eddy van de Voorde