Frequently Asked Questions

Emerald has launched a new platform for Emerald Insight in July 2019.
This FAQ will be continuously updated to ensure you receive the most appropriate information.

You can also visit, the central point of reference for all the latest information and updates.

If you’re unable to find the answer to your question, please visit or contact us at

Last updated: 19th July 2019

General Information

Why are you moving to a new platform?

We’re doing this to create a much better experience for the showcasing, broad dissemination and visibility of social science research for authors, readers, students, researchers and librarians.

To help inspire critical thinking that can positively impact upon society as a whole, we wanted to create a platform for a wide range of research outputs, from articles to data to case studies to video and animation, which would be fast, very easy to use, uncluttered, accessible and broad in its reach.

When did the new site launch?

The migration to the new site happened in early July 2019.

Did the URL change?

From July, the new URL for Emerald Insight is will no longer be used, however, redirects are in place for all pages and content.

Will I be able to access all the same content that I could on the old platform?

Yes, all eJournal, eBook and eCase content that is available on the current platform will be migrated. Your access entitlements will not be affected by the transition.

Will there be any further developments to the platform after go-live?

Our launch is just the very first step on an exciting journey. As the new platform takes shape, every development decision is being tested and validated in partnership with our communities to respond quickly to researcher and reader needs.

As the launch is just the start - not all functionality has yet been built. New features and functionality will be implemented every two weeks. With changes and improvements happening all the time, please check back regularly to track our progress.

You can share your feedback now! Click here.

How do I access case studies and teaching notes?

All eCase content that is available on the current platform will be migrated. Your access entitlements will not be affected by the transition.

However, in the early stages of migration, teaching notes are not directly accessible to download from the site. We ask customers to contact Customer Support, who will supply you with the materials you require.

Features and functionality

Will the new site meet global accessibility standards?

The new platform will be W3C AA and US section 501 compliant. Find out more about Emerald’s policy on accessibility standards here.

Will there be any changes to platform functionality?

The new platform has been built from the ground up in collaboration with leading international academic institutions to ensure that every decision is carefully considered and validated by our users.

This will continue even after launch, we are aware that some functionality has not been built and this development will be informed by customer feedback, to best meet the needs of the users.

New features will continue to be implemented every two weeks. To see some of the features of the new platform, take a look here.

Is the site compatible with mobile devices?

Emerald Insight provides mobile friendly user interfaces which removes the requirement for a separate mobile site. These interfaces will be continually improved to support the latest browsers and devices.

Will the Pay Per View and DeepDyve functionality be disabled?

Pay Per View is no longer available on the current site, this will be developed after launch. However Deep Dyve is available and customers can access content through this service.

Will there be any minimum technical specifications required to access the new site, if so what are these?

Device compatibility

We have rigorously tested a number of browsers and will support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE11 and Safari.


We do not allow IANA IPs to be registered for access to our content. The new root URL for accessing the Emerald web platform is:

Transport Layer Security

Due to our https:// compliancy, we cannot provide access for servers using a TLS version which is lower than v1.2 when communicating with our websites. All clients able to speak TLS v1.2 will be considered safe and thus allowed to communicate with our servers. Please note, this applies only to stand-alone EZproxy customers. All customers hosted by OCLC are running versions that are TLS 1.2 compliant.

If you are running EZproxy locally and it is older than version 6.1.16, access to will not work to proxy on TLS v1.2.

Are there be redirects in place?

There are multiple levels of redirect in place for domains, publications and DOI.

Where a redirect links to functionality that has not been developed, users will see a landing page until that functionality has been built.

What institutional level data have you migrated?

Institutional accounts and their associated content licenses, authentication details (IP ranges, referring URLs, Shibboleth and OpenAthens) and Open URL Link Resolver links. This information will only be accessible to Emerald administrators of the site.

The library administrator for each institutional account will also be migrated but immediately after golive the library admin portal will not have completed development.

Personal subscriber accounts and their associated licenses. Only Emerald admins will have access to this information.

COUNTER R4 and R5 reports are being migrated and will be accessible to both Emerald staff, Library admins and Consortia admins from August.

Emerald Customer Support will be able to help with any queries or changes.

Data that will be migrated but not immediately available at launch.

User profile information including favourited content and alerts (table of contents, new citations, subject area news, digests, MARC record updates and new EarlyCite content).

Is there any data that won't be migrated over?

Saved search alerts data that is included in My Profile will not be migrated to the new platform as the data is not compatible with the more sophisticated search algorithm implemented on the new platform.

Institutional access tokens will not be migrated, complimentary access tokens for editorial stakeholders will not be migrated but new authentication methods will be provided.

Passwords for individuals will not be migrated. We will be emailing all users to create a new password.

SUSHI credentials will not be migrated. New credentials can be set up via our COUNTER portal.

Will I be able to manage my user profile on the new site?

Personal profiles for both users and library administrators will be made available shortly after the new platform is launched. The following will be transferred over at the point of migration:

  • Favourited content
  • Alerts: digest and subject, subject area news, MARC record updates, table of contents, citation and EarlyCite article.

A communication giving detailed instructions will be sent when this function is enabled. In the meantime, please contact if you have any questions relating to this functionality

Can I still opt-out of marketing communications via the new platform?

The marketing communication preferences will be managed within the My Profile area of the new platform. Until My Profile functionality is enabled, please complete the form to opt-out of marketing from Emerald.

Authentication, discovery and access control

What do I need to do to maintain access to Emerald Insight?

The majority of customers will automatically gain access to the new site through your current method of authentication. For most, this is via your institution’s IP range. However, there are some authentication methods where action may be required from the library in order to retain access.

For more information, please see the access troubleshooting guide:

Some users have reported that they are not recognised as authenticated users when they do have subscription access through their institution to If this affects you, and you are not a librarian, please click the 'reset authentication' button on the top right-hand corner of and contact your library if this is ineffective.

If you are a librarian please see our customer support portal for solutions to known issues.

If you are unsure about your institution’s current authentication method contact us and we can check for you!

Will I still be able to access content via discovery services?

Emerald Insight is indexed in all major discovery systems including Primo, Summon, OCLC and EBSCO. Any existing links from the discovery services will be redirected to the new site.

We are working with discovery services to ensure that there is no disruption to customer access. If you are experiencing issues, please check our customer support portal

Will my institutional IP(s) still be recognised when I visit the platform?

All current institutional IPs are live on the new platform to provide access to the content that you are entitled to.

Will my login details remain the same?

You can log in via the following authentication methods using your existing credentials:

OpenAthens, referring URL, Google Casa and Shibboleth authentication.

When My Profile functionality is enabled, anyone with an existing user profile on will be able to use their existing username but will be required to reset their password at this time.

Will embedded links from MARC records and KBART files continue to work?

MARC records and KBART files have had the new URLs embedded in them from July. Both can be found on the EGP site:

Can I continue to use existing access tokens on the new site?

The tokens that have been issued through will not be supported on the new platform.

If your primary method of authentication is currently via access tokens (username and password), please contact Customer Support at to discuss alternatives.

Will you be supporting EZproxy?

Yes. EZproxy will be supported on the new site. If you host your proxy server locally, you will be required to update Emerald’s Stanza file at the time of migration. This will be communicated before launch.

If your EZproxy is hosted by OCLC you will need to contact them and ask them to update the Stanza file in advance of the migration. Please contact them directly on (USA) +1-614-793- 8682 and ask them to add the following sites to their database definitions:



OCLC will raise a ticket on your behalf and will bulk upload these changes on Thursday 27th June so ideally, all requests should be submitted by then. If you do miss this deadline, OCLC can still upload changes on a singular basis after the initial batch upload.

For more information, please see the access troubleshooting guide:

Usage and standards

Will usage data captured on the old platform be migrated over?

Archive COUNTER usage reports dating back to January 2017 will be transferred across for your institution to ensure that there is continuity of usage statistics.

R4: Jan 2017 – March 2019

R5: Jan 2019 – June 2019

How do I access usage reports on your new site?

Library and Consortia administrators registered on will be contacted via email to set up access to the new usage portal. For further information regarding our usage portal and how to access please visit our platform update page.

Please contact your Regional Account Manager for assistance with usage reports in the interim period.

Will my SUSHI credentials change?

SUSHI credentials will change. Full details on how to update these will be communicated to registered library administrators.

Guidance and support

Will you be providing user guides for the new platform?

There will be a range of support materials for users and administrators, including platform guides, migration checklists and FAQs.

Where do I direct my general enquires?

All general enquiries should be directed to