Modifying the flipped experience to enhance the learning of calculus in the United Arab Emirates

Rim Gouia-Zarrad (American University of Sharjah)
Cindy Gunn (American University of Sharjah)

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives

ISSN: 2077-5504

Article publication date: 1 June 2017

Issue publication date: 1 June 2017

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A ‘flipped’ or ‘inverted’ teaching approach (Lage et al., 2000) reverses the traditional use of in- and out-ofclass time, delivering instructional input to students before class and devoting classroom time to applying this input in small group tasks. This study investigates the use of videoed lectures and attitudes to in-class activities among undergraduate students in first year Calculus classes using either a lecture-based or a ‘flipped classroom’ approach. Survey results indicate that while the majority of the students embrace the flipped experience and more specifically the in-class group work activities, they lacked the confidence in their self-learning abilities to completely part with an instructor-led class. This finding and its impact on implementing a flipped classroom supports concerns found in the literature that first- and second-year students may need more guidance from their professors before they can truly benefit from the flipped learning model of instruction.

بلقي جهنم سيردتلا " بولقملا " وأ " سوكعملا ) " جيل ،هئﻼمزو 2000 ( فيظوتلا يديلقتلا تقولل لخاد فصلا هجراخو ذإ دوزي بلاطلا داوملاب ةيميلعتلا لبق ءدب فصلا صصخيو تقو ءاقللا يفصلا قيبطتل ام هملعت بلاطلا كلذو نمض تاعومجم مّ ل عت ةريغص ةفداه . لوانتت هذه ةساردلا فيظوت تارضاحم ويديفلا فقاومو ةبلطلا نم ةطشنﻷا ةيفصلا نيب بﻼط ةنسلا ةيعماجلا ىلوﻷا نيقحتلملا تاقاسمب باسح لضافتلا لماكتلاو ) سلوكلاك ( ، كلذو اقﻼطنا نم جهنم دمتعي امإ تارضاحملا وأ فوفصلا ةبولقملا . ريشتو جئاتن حسملا ىلإ هنأ يف نيح لبقي بلغأ بﻼطلا ىلع ةبرجت فصلا ،بولقملا ىلعو هجو ديدحتلا ةطشنأ لمعلا يعامجلا لخاد ،فصلا ريغ مهنأ نورقتفي ىلإ ةقثلا يف مهتاردق ىلع ملعتلا يتاذلا ىلإ دح مهلعجي ريغ نيرداق ىلع يلختلا امامت نع فص هروحم ذاتسﻷا . دناستو هذه ةجيتنلا اهريثأتو ىلع ذيفنت فوفص ةيسارد ةبولقم فواخملا ةدوجوملا يف تايبدﻷا اهدافمو نأ بﻼط ةنسلا ىلوﻷا ةيناثلاو دق نوجاتحي ىلإ ديزم نم هيجوتلا نم مهتذتاسأ لبق نأ اونكمتي نم ةدافتسﻻا اقح نم جذومن ملعتلا بولقملا يف سيردتلا .


Gouia-Zarrad, R. and Gunn, C. (2017), "Modifying the flipped experience to enhance the learning of calculus in the United Arab Emirates", Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives, Vol. 14 No. 1, pp. 3-15.



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