Emirati student recruitment and retention in nursing education

Briliya Devadas (Fatima College of Health Sciences, UAE)

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives

ISSN: 2077-5504

Article publication date: 1 June 2017

Issue publication date: 1 June 2017

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The purpose of this study is to investigate factors surrounding low Emirati student recruitment and retention within a nursing programme in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. A sequential explanatory mixed methods research design was used to collect data from 140 Emirati students at different levels of the nursing program. Questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and related document analyses were used to collect information for this study. Quantitative analysis revealed that overall participants perceived the Emirati society as holding a positive image of nursing, though a majority of them indicated that nursing as a profession, would be a third or last choice of career for them. Inferential analysis on the reasons to choose or not choose nursing, revealed an opportunity to work as part of the team; and as a stepping stone to other professions as significant reasons, versus perceived program difficulty level, and perceived unpleasant tasks. Thematic analysis of interviews highlighted: 1) personal interest; 2) parental support; 3) awareness of the profession; 4) perceived barriers; 5) potential benefits, and 6) policies at the local and national levels. The study has several implications for nursing education and policy in the United Arab Emirates and the region.

.يبظوبأ ةرامإ يف ضيرمتلا جمانرب نمض مهب ظافتحﻻاو نييتارامﻹا ةبلطلا ددع ةلقب ةطيحملا لماوعلا ةسارد وه ةساردلا هذه نم ضرغلا نم تانايبلا عيمجتل ةطلتخم قرط يف لسلستم يثحب ميمصت مادختسا مت دقو 140 .ضيرمتلا جمانرب تايوتسم فلتخم ىلع ايتارامإ ابلاط تسﻻا تلمعتسا ةيبلغأ نأ يمكلا ليلحتلا فشك و .ةساردلا هذهل تامولعملا عمجل ةلصلا تاذ قئاثولا تﻼيلحتو ةمظنملا هبش تﻼباقملاو تانايب ضيرمتلا نأ ىلإ تراشأ مهتيبلغأ نأ نم مغرلا ىلع ،ضيرمتلل ةيباجيإ ةروص لمحي هنأ ىلع يتارامﻹا عمتجملا ىلإ نورظني نيكراشملا مهرايخ نوكيس ،ةنهمك ضيرمتلا رايتخا مدع وأ رايتخا بابسﻷ يلﻻدتسﻻا ليلحتلا يف و .مهل ةبسنلاب ةيفيظولا ةايحلا نم ريخﻷا وأ ثلاثلا ةماه ةيباجيإ بابسأك ،ىرخأ نهمل قﻼطنا ةطقنك وأ ؛قيرفلا نم ءزجك لمعلل ةصرف نع جئاتنلا تفشك ،ةيبلسلاو ةيباجيﻹا بابسﻷا لباقم ا يف و،ضيرمتلا رايتخﻻ رايتخا مدعل ةريبك ةيبلس بابسأ اهنأ ىلع ، اهيف بوغرملا ريغ ماهملاو ،جمانربلا ةبوعص ىوتسم ىلإ رظنلا ،لباقمل :تﻼباقملل يعيضاوملا ليلحتلا زربأو .ةنهمك ضيرمتلا 1 ( ؛ةيصخشلا ةحلصملا 2 ( ؛نيدلاولا معد 3 ( ةنهملاب يعولا ؛ 4 ( ؛ةعقوتملا زجاوحلا 5 ( و ،ةلمتحملا دئاوفلا 6 ( ةلود يف هتاسايسو ضيرمتلا ميلعت ىلع تاروصت ةدع ةساردلا هذهلو .ينطولاو يلحملا نييوتسملا ىلع تاسايسلا ةقطنملاو ةدحتملا ةيبرعلا تارامﻹا .


Devadas, B. (2017), "Emirati student recruitment and retention in nursing education", Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives, Vol. 14 No. 1, pp. 43-69. https://doi.org/10.18538/lthe.v14.n1.267



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