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Innovative Problem Solving: The Next Big Thing

1 Harrington Institute, Los Gato's, CA, USA

International Journal of Innovation Science

ISSN: 1757-2223

Article publication date: 15 February 2011



The age of innovation is here. In most business organizations, creativity is a means to an end, which is innovation. Creativity is the process of generating something new that has value to an organization, group or individual. Innovation is the process of generating a new mindset to produce something that has significant value to an organization or an individual or to society in general. The operative word that distinguishes innovations from creativity is significant. Innovation is the successful implementation of a new concept or product. Innovation is the sustainable process that provides a significant competitive advantage. Research has turned innovation from a haphazard, random occurrence into an understood process that anyone can benefit from. This paper reveals how this new exciting problem-solving and product/process development methodology has become the cornerstone of our Innovative Problem Solving model and the promise of exciting new things to come.


Harrington, J. and Voehl, F. (2011), "Innovative Problem Solving: The Next Big Thing", International Journal of Innovation Science, Vol. 2 No. 3, pp. 113-121.



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