Greedy managers

Work Study

ISSN: 0043-8022

Article publication date: 1 April 2000



(2000), "Greedy managers", Work Study, Vol. 49 No. 2.



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Greedy managers

Managing directors and chief executives of UK organisations occupy twice as much space as their employees, despite spending half as much time in the office (research by Morgan Lovell). The average office varies from 13m2-18m2 compared to a typical open-plan allocation of 7m2 (or 6m2 for a secretary). Farrol Goldblat, head of consultancy, at Morgan Lovell, said: "the size of an individual's office or workstation is still largely linked to status ... Productivity can be improved by providing employees that are in the office the most with workstations near windows and good natural light ... Savings can be made by allocating space according to function and workstyle rather than status".

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