Grown-up Net users?

Work Study

ISSN: 0043-8022

Article publication date: 1 February 2000



(2000), "Grown-up Net users?", Work Study, Vol. 49 No. 1.



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Grown-up Net users?

Grown-up Net users?

A recent study (by Netpoll) shows that most people introduced to the World Wide Web are very enthusiastic. As they develop their skills, the number of sites they visit climbs quickly and steadily - but only for a few months. They then become "Net mature" and tend to stick to the same smallish number (about 50) of sites they have found to be useful. It takes a major event (a major news happening, a change in lifestyle, etc.) to bring back the "surfing" days. This means that new e-commerce sites have a hard time breaking in to the favoured list, to change the access habits of this mature section of net users.

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