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Article publication date: 23 October 2009



Bieger, T. and Laesser, C. (2009), "Editorial", Tourism Review, Vol. 64 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/tr.2009.36964daa.001



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Article Type: Editorial From: Tourism Review, Volume 64, Issue 4

Dear readers

Thanks for your continuous support of Tourism Review.

This issue contains five papers.

The first paper by Laura Milner examines the behaviour of consumers in an industrial trade show context, the ITB tourism trade show in Berlin (Germany). It especially addresses whether it is strategically astute to allow final consumers into an industrial trade show, i.e. to elicit whether final consumers mimic industrial segments of current, potential or nonusers, if they were repeat or first timers, if they were seriousness, and other.

The second paper by Nicole Tiedemann, Marcel van Birgelen, and Janjaap Semeijn is on hotel’s responsiveness to customers through information sharing. By combining marketing and supply chain management concepts into one model, this paper offers new insights into the hotel business. Customer responsiveness can be improved through market orientation and information sharing.

The third contribution by Caterina Contini, Paola Scarpellini, and Roberto Polidori analyzes the demand of tourists who stayed in agri-tourist facilities and assesses the impact of agri-tourism on local development in terms of income and employment. The study was conducted in Tuscany, a region which is pre-eminent in terms of the Italian agri-tourist supply and which has a strong attraction for tourists seeking natural resources, the countryside and the local culture.

The purpose of the forth piece of work by Yasin Boylu, Asli D.A. Tasci, and William C. Gartner is threefold:

  1. 1.

    measure the differences in importance of cultural values between Turkish hosts and European guests;

  2. 2.

    measure perceived cultural difference (distance) to see if importance of cultural values are commensurate with cultural distance perception; and

  3. 3.

    identify potential influence of perceived cultural distance on job satisfaction for Turkish service providers (hosts) and trip satisfaction for European consumers (guests).

The final paper by Francesc González-Reverté and Oriol Miralbell-Izard gives an insight into the touristic potential of music festivals (in the case of Catalonia, Spain). It suggests that local and regional administration should consider music festivals and cultural events, in general, as excellent resources to create new tourism products.

We wish you a good and hopefully interesting read.

Kind regards

Thomas Bieger and Christian Laesser

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