“ADHERE” LCD adhesives from make displays clear

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

ISSN: 0954-0911

Article publication date: 27 June 2008



(2008), "“ADHERE” LCD adhesives from make displays clear", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 20 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/ssmt.2008.21920cad.006



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“ADHERE” LCD adhesives from make displays clear

Article Type: New products From: Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Volume 20, Issue 3

“Adhere” at Intertronics are pleased to announce new UV curable LCD application adhesives from product partner DYMAX. This range is specially formulated for applications where crystal clear, invisible bonds are required, such as LCD screens, monitors, outdoor kiosks and navigation systems. This range sticks glass to glass, glass to plastic, and plastic to plastic - with clear, bubble-free bonds.

These one-component LCD adhesives feature excellent resistance to yellowing, with increased light transmission and accurate colour, enhancing the brightness and clarity of liquid crystal displays, monitors, screens and kiosk panels.

The solvent-free laminating adhesives bond a variety of common substrates including polycarbonate, glass, CAB, acrylic, phenolic, PET and ITO in seconds upon exposure to UV light. The ability to “on-demand cure” means substrates can be repositioned precisely until parts are ready to be cured, leading to reduced air entrapment and no bubbles, creating strong, ripple-free bonds that help increase panel strength.

Using a thin layer of LCD adhesive controls cost and can reduce the weight of the final product. The adhesives also act as a barrier against stress, significantly improving reliability and warranty costs. LCD adhesives come in a variety of viscosities for ease of use and controlled dispensing and are available in a wide range of packaging sizes. Fast bonding of glass to glass, glass to plastic and plastic to plastic allows for immediate processing of parts and increased through-put. Further information regarding Intertronics’ products can be found at: www.intertronics.co.uk

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