New ATF Vapour Phase soldering from Contax

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

ISSN: 0954-0911

Article publication date: 27 June 2008



(2008), "New ATF Vapour Phase soldering from Contax", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 20 No. 3.



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New ATF Vapour Phase soldering from Contax

Article Type: New products From: Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Volume 20, Issue 3

Production automation system specialist, Contax Ltd, is offering the new ATF Vapour Phase (VP) 400 soldering machine in the UK and Benelux. Ideally suited to the manufacture of high-value PCBs, this new system offers all the advantages of VP technology. In addition, it offers unique, sophisticated, temperature profile control software that enables the machine to run complex profiles automatically.

The VP 400 offers a number of advantages over other soldering systems. Unlike reflow, using the VP 400, the whole product is heated up to a set temperature. Instead of blowing hot air over the board as in standard reflow, the board is lowered into the vapour created by an inert liquid. This condenses on the surface of the board and when the board reaches a uniform temperature the process stops. The entire reflow profile takes approximately 3.5-4 min.

Using the new temperature profile control software, up to 20 temperature set values can be stored per profile, and four independent profiles can be saved on the VP 400. If additional memory is required, then this can be added easily with a smart card.

As the VP 400 heats the board to a more even temperature, then less heat is required, even for lead-free. For example, the maximum temperature for the VP 400 is 235 degrees, unlike reflow which requires a maximum of 245-250°. This ensures that, using VP 400, the boards cannot be overheated, and reach an even temperature with a small deltaT. The VP 400 comes fully equipped with software, built-in cooling unit and vapour trap.

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