Foresite and GoodBye Chain Group launch RoHS-WEEE.NET

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(2004), "Foresite and GoodBye Chain Group launch RoHS-WEEE.NET", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 16 No. 3.



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Foresite and GoodBye Chain Group launch RoHS-WEEE.NET

Foresite and GoodBye Chain Group launch RoHS-WEEE.NET

Keywords: Electronics industry, Recycling

May this year saw the launch of RoHS-WEEE.NET, the electronics industry’s only enterprise-wide solution for compliance with increasingly-stringent worldwide hazardous substance and recycling legislation.

RoHS-WEEE.NET has been developed by Foresite Systems in collaboration with the GoodBye Chain Group, a US-based company with deep domain expertise with regard to RoHS. RoHS-WEEE.NET will assist electronics manufacturers to meet looming chemicals management, product recovery and recycling deadlines, whilst substantially reducing the costs and complexities associated with compliance.

The restrictions on the use of hazardous substances (RoHS) Directive is the toughest substance-level data collection challenge to hit the electronics industry. After ROHS-enforcement day on 1 July 2006, non-compliant products could be barred from major international markets, with far-reaching revenue, market-share, brand and shareholder implications.

Using RoHS-WEEE.NET for data collection and management not only reduces the risk of non-compliance, but it also allows companies to demonstrate “reasonable steps” should a national enforcement agency find them to be out-of-compliance.

Furthermore, the halting of product shipments would reverberate throughout the supply-chain with potentially devastating consequences. For small-to-medium sized companies, out-of-compliance could mean out-of-business.

The waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Directive will regulate product recovery and recycling. However, tracking end-of-life products in 25 different EU countries with 25 different sets of reporting requirements and penalties is a complex and costly task. RoHS-WEEE.NET automates and simplifies this task, while simultaneously allowing companies to manage their end-of-life activities better for both cost and risk reduction.

Foresite’s new Internet-based solution covers the full spectrum of RoHS and WEEE requirements. From the onerous task of collecting and calculating data involving hundreds or even thousands of supply-chain organisations to managing the information and generating both internal and external reports, RoHS-WEEE.NET takes control of the entire operation. Indeed, the affordable cost allows even small manufacturers to use the software to underpin their regulatory compliance.

In addition to providing an enterprise-wide solution for compliance with RoHS and WEEE, the new Web-based offering can also provide direct access to Foresite’s Pack.NET for those customers who are seeking a robust and cost-effective system for the wider packaging and compliance issues.

Based on pre-release interest from customers, RoHS-WEEE.NET is expected to become the solution of choice for electronics manufacturers who are rapidly approaching the RoHS and WEEE Y2Kl-like deadlines.

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