Universal shows its fastest platform based placement machine

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

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Article publication date: 1 December 2004



(2004), "Universal shows its fastest platform based placement machine", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 16 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/ssmt.2004.21916cab.008



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Universal shows its fastest platform based placement machine

Universal shows its fastest platform based placement machine

Universal Instruments was showing its fastest platform based placement machine at Globaltronics. The Genesis Lightning machine combines the throughput of Universal’s revolutionary new rotary Lightning head with the flexibility and broadest component handling range of the celebrated Genesis platform.

Each Lightning head, features a radial array of 30 modular, individually controlled spindles. With two heads on the Genesis platform, the unique configuration delivers productivity-enhancing features that drive placement rates up to 54,000 cph.

Dual on-the-head optics allow Lightning to address an unsurpassed range of components from 01005 (one-quarter the area of 0201s) to 30×30 mm. It supports component pre-orientation as well as on-the-head rejection for small parts to further enhance throughput and productivity. Lightning’s plug-in spindle modules are designed to be quickly and easily replaced. Each contains a tiny venturi vacuum generator to maintain a very short and low maintenance vacuum path. As a result, Genesis Lightning places devices such as CSP, WSP, uBGA, and Melfs at full speed.

Universal’s Genesis platform incorporates a number of design enhancements, many of which – such as feeders, vision, heads and software – maintain commonality with other Universal Instruments platform equipment. Improved feeder interfaces feature robust three-point mountings. An all-new Magellan camera system offers a wider field of view and higher resolution. Multi-colour/angle illumination optimises fiducial capture. And Universal’s dual drive linear motor positioning mechanism delivers high positioning speed accuracy.

In addition, Genesis models accommodate large boards up to 610×812 mm (24×32 in.) and feature the company’s latest windows-based UPS+ software to offer a familiar graphics-based interface. UPS+ improves localised ease-of-use world-wide due to its multiple language support and customised interface screens.

As the industry’s fastest placement head technology, Lightning provides a duty cycle of less than 60 ms – a pick-to-pick or place-to-place performance that delivers chipshooting speeds on the Genesis platform. Cycle times are further improved with new tools like Auto Pick co-ordinate Update (APU) to raise pick consistency and boost performance.

Equally as important as cycle times for maximised productivity is idle time. Again Genesis delivers more functionality to reduce idle time through new software tools to improve calibration and diagnostics, and to facilitate fast product changeover. Genesis also incorporates a complete family of spliceable feeders, dual-track tape feeders, and new feeder bank change carts that effectively double the on-machine inventory for 8 mm components.

With its unbeatable combination of chipshooter performance and broad but flexible component range, Genesis Lightning makes all-platform lines a reality, extending the functionality of Universal systems into high volume manufacturing without sacrificing flexibility and fast product changeover capability.

For further information visit the Web site: www.uic.com

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