Allied Vision Technologies’ “Golden Camera” goes to Siplace

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Article publication date: 1 December 2004




(2004), "Allied Vision Technologies’ “Golden Camera” goes to Siplace", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 16 No. 3.



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Allied Vision Technologies’ “Golden Camera” goes to Siplace

Allied Vision Technologies’ “Golden Camera” goes to Siplace

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Siemens Dematic Electronics Assembly Systems, Munich, has received the “Golden Camera” award from Allied Vision Technologies (AVT), Stadtroda. Siemens Dematic received the award in recognition of its order for 20,000 high precision camera systems for its Siplace platform and as thanks for many years of successful co-operation with AVT (Plate 1).

Plate 1 Frank Grube, CEO of Allied Vision Technologies present the “Golden Camera” award to Dr Helmut PreBl, Commercial Head of Siemens

“We are very proud of the Golden Camera and view it as an expression of our good co-operation with AVT for our customers’ ultimate benefit. Not every supplier can meet the demands for extremely flexible and fast deliveries. That they must also supply top quality is without question,” said Dr Helmut PreBl, Commercial Director of Siemens Dematic EA. “For many years, the AVT vision system has given us the quality and precision for which Siplace placement machines are known among electronics manufacturers all over the world. The Siplace HF’s placement precision of 30 μm with 4 sigma at a speed of 40,000 components per hour requires equipment that must be excellent in every respect. Around 12,000 Siplace placement systems on the market are ample proof as far as quality and customer acceptance are concerned.”

“Our long co-operation with Siemens is characterised by working together on intelligent and innovative solutions. We’ve had jobs that seemed impossible as far as delivery volume and speed were concerned, but we completed them successfully”, confirmed Frank Grube, President of AVT. “The partnership between AVT and Siemens Dematic has shown a resilience, sometimes under difficult conditions, that bodes well for the future.”

Siemens Dematic has been installing vision systems from AVT in its Siplace machines since 1989. These specialised camera systems make sure that each component is measured and placed at the right angle. Even complex components like CCGAs or flipchips are recognised quickly and reliably. Vision systems from AVT have helped the Siplace machines from Siemens Dematic become the global standard of placement quality and precision they are today.

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