New precision 50 ml twin-pack cartridge dispenser

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

ISSN: 0954-0911

Article publication date: 1 August 2004




(2004), "New precision 50 ml twin-pack cartridge dispenser", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 16 No. 2.



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New precision 50 ml twin-pack cartridge dispenser

New precision 50 ml twin-pack cartridge dispenser

Keywords: Intertronics

Accurate and repeatable dispensing of small shots of two-part materials from 50 ml twin cartridges is often hampered by material drooling after the shot cycle, resulting in waste and clean up. It is also difficult to control shot size using pneumatic or manual cartridge guns.

The Fisnar I&J123-D50 from INTERTRONICS eliminates these problems. A stepping motor drive is coupled by a Hydro-Link® to a double contact- ram that enters both barrels of the cartridge.

A built-in PALM® computer controls the dispense setup, with a graphical display indicating when the cartridge is empty. Shot sizes of 0.002 cc are possible, with the stepping motor mechanically forcing the material through the mixing nozzle in precise steps, achieving an accurate deposit.

The system can also be used with any three-axis Fisnar robot for automatic dispensing of beads or single shots from 50 ml cartridges.

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