New safewash from Electrolube

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

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(2004), "New safewash from Electrolube", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 16 No. 2.



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New safewash from Electrolube

New safewash from Electrolube

Keywords: Printed circuit boards, Cleaning

Safewash is a high-powered, water-based PCB, stencil and electronic assembly cleaning range developed by electro-chemical manufacturer Electrolube. Formulated to rapidly remove the most hardened adhesive, paste, flux, dirt and grease deposits, it enables swift, effective and cost-effective cleaning with reduced wastage and long-term reliability.

The performance of the multi-purpose cleaner has been comprehensively verified by a number of major international electronics manufacturers. Residue-free, Safewash contains no CFCs and has a low-foam, low VOC formula with a low odour. It is also non-flammable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, while its chemistry also prevents the build up of inorganic deposits in machinery pipework. Using the Safewash range, cleaning and drying process times can easily be optimised to ensure swift production throughput.

The most recent additions to the range are Safewash Mechanical (SWMN) and Safewash Mechanical Plus (SWMP), designed specifically as a replacement for the toxic and highly hazardous solvents found in other degreasers on the market and providing excellent results without compromising on cleaning quality. SWMP is also ideal where a low foaming product is required for in-line, pressure and dishwasher applications. It contains a corrosion inhibitor to allow safe cleaning of sensitive metals and quickly and easily removes all flux types, pastes and greases.

Safewash Extra (SWAX) is suitable for use with both solder paste and surface mount adhesives, and can be used on all types of screens, stencils, PCBs, frames and accessories in spray and in-line immersion cleaning machines. SWAX has been approved on most leading brands of solder paste and adhesives in a range of ultrasonic and pressure wash automated cleaning systems, and a complete cleaning cycle, including rinse and dry, can take as little as 13min.

Safewash Super (SWAS), tackles very stubborn flux residues and no-clean fluxes, the latter being very difficult to remove. Designed for use in ultrasonic tanks, SWAS will also tackle heavy greases. This inhibited version will not attack sensitive metals and rinses off easily.

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