Indium Corporation exhibited Pb-free products at APEX

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(2004), "Indium Corporation exhibited Pb-free products at APEX", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 16 No. 2.



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Indium Corporation exhibited Pb-free products at APEX

Indium Corporation exhibited Pb-free products at APEX

Keywords: Lead-free soldering

The Indium Corporation exhibited their Pb-free soldering products at APEX this year, they included the following.

NC-SMQ230 Pb-free solder paste for SMT

Currently over 5,000,000 mobile phones have been produced with NC-SMQ230. This solder paste is an air reflow, no-clean material specifically formulated to accommodate the high processing temperatures required by Sn/Ag/Cu and Sn/Ag Pb-free alloy systems. NC-SMQ230 provides outstanding printing performance along with extended stencil life and tack time to handle the rigors of today's manufacturing environment. Pb-Free solder paste made with NC-SMQ230 has recently received the Frost and Sullivan Product Innovation Award.

PK-001 and PK-002 flip-chip epoxy fluxes

These materials are designed especially for use with Sn62 and Sn 63 eutectic solders. PK-002 is specially designed for Pb-Free applications. PK-001 and PK-002 are fast curing, halide-free, no-clean fluxes which can be used for Flip-Chip or CSP soldering processes.

PK-001 and PK-002 have a stable thermoset residue, and are compatible with standard underfill materials, conformal coatings, and most finishes and coatings. They are also environment-friendly.

Eutectic AuSn solder

AuSn solder finds use in critical applications such as hi-reliability medical, aerospace, and military applications, in die-attach and lid sealing, or as a braze alternative. Its relatively high melting point and exceptional joint strength make the alloy useful for certain applications.

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