Temperature profiling just got easier

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

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Article publication date: 1 August 2000




(2000), "Temperature profiling just got easier", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 12 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/ssmt.2000.21912bad.030



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Temperature profiling just got easier

Keywords ECD Instruments, Temperature, Reflow, Wave soldering

ECD has announced its new AutoM.O.L.E® temperature profiling system for reflow ovens and wave solder machines. When preloaded onto a reflow oven or wave solder machine, the ECD AutoM.O.L.E system provides true profiling accuracy.

It features:

  • instant uploading of machine parameters for fast, accurate profiling;

  • ECD's advanced SPC process control software;

  • fast and easy drag and drop creation of customized x-bar charts and instant calculation of process Cp and Cpk;

  • a built-in prediction module that simplifies product quality optimization.

The ECD AutoM.O.L.E. System can automatically upload standard machine operating parameters. This process eliminates time-consuming manual data entry as well as errors due to inaccurate entry of machine process parameters. Since the ECD AutoM.O.L.E automatically queries the machine for the latest settings, users are always ready to profile both their products and their process.

For further information contact: Andrew Becker, ECD Instruments Group. Tel: +1 503 659 6100; E-mail: andy.becker@ecd.com

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