Workbook coaches electronics companies in outsource decision

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Article publication date: 1 April 2000




(2000), "Workbook coaches electronics companies in outsource decision", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 12 No. 1.



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Workbook coaches electronics companies in outsource decision

Workbook coaches electronics companies in outsource decision

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Delegating longer links along the value chain is making outsourcing decisions more critical to electronic equipment companies, according to a newly revised report World-Class Outsourcing for Electronics Manufacturing.

"No longer are manufacturers of computer printers, network communications, and cellular phones outsourcing only the purely electronics portion of the product", said Pamela Gordon, certified management consultant and president of Technology Forecasters, Inc. "Today many of these companies are delegating everything from aspects of design through shipment of the complete product to the end customer".

Tom Smith, vice president sales, Advanced Material Solutions (Fremont, CA) said, "The Outsource Guide has a lot of really valuable information that will assist us in what we do. Any hardware company who is going into outsourcing needs this guide; they won't make the progress they hope to make without first analyzing their needs, which is easy to do with this book. The guide's contract outline, itself, has saved AMS many lost dollars due to customer ECOs and no-demand inventory issues".

Figure 1Decision makers' guide from World Class Outsourcing for Electronics Manufacturing (Technology Forecasters Inc.)

The map shown in Figure 1 from World-Class Outsourcing for Electronics Manufacturing (Technology Forecasters, Inc.) guides decision makers as they strategize and change to become a more competitive organization.

Approximately 30 experts - including users and suppliers of contract manufacturing services - have contributed their experience to the guide. "The goal of this guide is to systematically assist electronics companies with the make-or-buy decision - including whether, what, and how much to outsource", said Gordon. "It helps managers to select and manage contract manufacturers in an efficient and educated manner, while avoiding common and deadly pitfalls".

For information on obtaining the guide World-Class Outsourcing for Electronics Manufacturing with the accompanying on-disk worksheets; Tel: 510 747-1900; E-mail: Outsource@Tech

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