GraphiCode introduces GC-PLACE 4.1.2 for Windows&#153

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Article publication date: 1 April 2000




(2000), "GraphiCode introduces GC-PLACE 4.1.2 for Windows&#153", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 12 No. 1.



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GraphiCode introduces GC-PLACE 4.1.2 for Windows&#153

GraphiCode introduces GC-PLACE 4.1.2 for Windows&#153

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GC-PLACE 4.1.2 is a PC-based software package that generates pick- and- place programs from Gerber data. This unique software prepares files for PCB assembly machines and CIM systems. GC-PLACE accepts many sources and produces programs for virtually any PCB manufacturing application. GC-PLACE 4.1.2 now ensures exact part reference with Reference Designator Troubleshooter, inputs EDIF 4 0 0, and has improved DXF input capabilities.

New feature details

Reference Designator Troubleshooter scans a board and checks for all reference designators that:

  • are duplicates;

  • do not match the part type;

  • are missing from a part;

  • do not conform to a specified format.

If you need CAD input for your assembly process, GC-PLACE now inputs EDIF 4 0 0. This format contains the information necessary to assemble a PCB. The EDIF format was created in an industry effort to transfer manufacturing data through the entire fabrication and assembly process. Most major CAD companies have either released, or plan to release, EDIF 4 0 0 output.

Improved feature details

GC-PLACE 4.1.2 has improved DXF input capabilities. With DXF input, GC-PLACE reads drawings from the most popular mechanical CAD systems directly for viewing and creating assembly drawings. The handling of zero-length lines has been strengthened, and older DXF files now load. DXF polylines are represented as unfilled shapes instead of polygons.

In addition, GraphiCode has improved the CIM output FatF by FABmaster. When the PAD SYMBOLS section of the FATF file exceeds 255 symbols, GC-PLACE flashes a warning message that refers you to the Online Help for a solution.

GC-PLACE 4.1.2 supplies quicker Graphics, faster screen drawing for better operator comfort and faster performance. Drawing of layers is faster on all operating systems, with the option to slow down the drawing time.

The proprietary and powerful programming language GC-Basic, built into all versions of GC-PLACE, provides a new language, gives the user the ability to add scripts to the GC-PLACE menu system, and makes automated tasks easy to execute.

For additional information on GraphiCode or the products they offer, please visit their Web site at or call (425) 672-1980.

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