New reflow ovens provide improved operating process and low maintenance

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(2000), "New reflow ovens provide improved operating process and low maintenance", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 12 No. 1.



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New reflow ovens provide improved operating process and low maintenance

New reflow ovens provide improved operating process and low maintenance

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Quad Systems Corporation has launched the Quad QRS&#153 Plus Series of convection reflow ovens. QRS Plus features include:

Robust, low maintenance conveyor system

The ovens feature a new conveyor system designed for reliable operation and low maintenance. The conveyor uses a chain transfer system with ball bearings in all shafts and drives, providing smooth operation, high reliability and long MTBF. In addition, an automatic independent pin chain tensioning system ensures correct tension as the chains expand and contract with changing oven temperatures.

Extended rails allow for easier conveyor interface and ensure perfect alignment between the oven and any SMEMA-compatible device. Small sprockets on the rail ends allow for small PCB transfer. The end of the mesh belt is close to the end of the oven, enabling the user to perform a second production process on the mesh belt.

New operating software

Quad's new version 2.0 oven software enables fast communication between the computer and the local operating network (LON). Version 2.0, a 32-bit application, runs on Windows® 95, 98 or NT®. The user-friendly screen enables a simultaneous view of multiple profiles, analytical data, and real-time temperature display.

Version 2.0's enhanced profiling system provides vital oven temperature data, including the time to attain refiow temperature, the duration of temperature above refiow, and the rate of temperature change. The profiling system provides these data in both table and graph format. The user can expand any profile graph section to see greater detail. In addition, an animated display shows the current position and number of PCBs in the oven.

QRS Plus version 2.0 software features advanced diagnostic utilities that log actual oven temperatures over a period of time. This enables the operator to check the oven and all I/O devices for proper operation. The operator can also independently control each heater panel from the diagnostic screen.

The software also includes comprehensive message logging. All system alerts, operator recipe changes and machine messages are logged into a single file that is appended at startup. This continuous feedback helps the user to improve their process, and diagnose process changes.

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