1999 soldering training courses at Speedline

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Article publication date: 1 August 1999



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1999 soldering training courses at Speedline

1999 soldering training courses at Speedline

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Throughout 1999 Speedline Technologies will be running another series of its extremely successful solder training school workshops at its UK headquarters in Reading.

The highly practical and respected courses will focus on a wide range of major soldering and assembly challenges that face today's electronics manufacturers. These range from how to obtain the most effective results from traditional wave soldering machines, through to advanced techniques for determining optimum reflow profiles for complex boards.

Hands-on training will be supplemented by leading-edge seminar, video and CD ROM-based presentations produced by industry renowned training expert Bob Willis. The Workshop of Machine Soldering is the longest running training course on soldering in the world (Plate 1).

The aim of all of the courses will be to equip attendees with the ability to understand and improve their own processes more fully, and to be able to effectively identify and eliminate the root causes of the board defects they encounter.

Plate 1 A Speedline Solder Training School Workshop in progress at their headquarters in Reading produced by Bob Willis

The courses and dates are as follows:

  • Pin-in-Hole and BGA Reflow Design and Assembly: 11 March, 8 July and 19 October.

  • Machine Soldering two-day Workshop: 16-17 February, 27-28 April, 8-9 June and 10-11 November.

  • Reflow Soldering and Temperature Profiling: 27 January, 25 March, 20 May, 9 September and 7 December.

  • Hands-On Wavesoldering: 13 January, 30 March, 19 May, 7 July, 13 September and 20 October.

In addition to these workshops, Speedline also offers a wide range of extremely comprehensive training courses on most major assembly areas including screen printing, dispensing, wave and reflow soldering as well as inspection and quality control. These can be conducted either at Speedline's fully equipped Reading facilities or in-house at a company's own site.

For further information on any or all of these courses, please contact Robin Wells at Speedline on: Tel +44 (0)118 930 1400; Fax + 44 (0)118 930 1401.