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Todd, S. (2004), "Structural Survey and the Internet", Structural Survey, Vol. 22 No. 4.



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Structural Survey and the Internet

The Web site information included below includes two key and other informative sites. If there are any other interesting sites or sources of information that you have found useful, please e-mail me at

Web sites

The Building Research

The “Latest News” section of the BRE’s Web site gives information on the following:

  • Launch of Recycled Building Products Network. A new network has been set up to promote greater use of recycled material in the manufacture of construction products, and to stimulate demand for recycled building products.

  • National Green Specification. More than 300 specifications for recycled construction products will be freely available from the National Green Specification Web site: – refer below.

  • Green gluing to add value to UK-grown timber. Green-gluing, the revolutionary timber technology pioneered in the UK by BRE, is at present the subject of a major feasibility study to determine its potential as the basis of a new woodworking enterprise.

The Feature papers include coverage in greater depth of recent research, developments and comment. Areas currently covered include:

  • doors and windows;

  • roofs;

  • concrete;

  • polymer composites;

  • ventilation;

  • housing;

  • facilities;

  • management;

  • renewable energy;

  • sprinkler systems;

  • Legionairre’s disease;

  • moisture and flood damage;

  • construction waste; and

  • carbon trading and testing.

The BRE are also assessing the impact of regulations to control the construction of free standing walls in order to safeguard their structural integrity. Freestanding walls are generally outside the Building Regulations and therefore this project’s objective is to produce a Regulatory Impact assessment describing the implications and potential costs to the construction industry of introducing new regulations to control the construction of free-standing walls in England and Wales.

The Royal Institution of Chartered

The News section includes information on:

  • RICS steps up Property in Business Campaign;

  • the only way is up for construction; and

  • BCIS Guide to House Building Costs 2004.

The Spotlight section includes information on the following.

  • Could you create the swimming venue of the future? This gives details of the London Development Agency’s competition to design the Aquatics Centre for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  • Party walls, rogue builders and boundary disputes. The RICS Public Zone holds a wealth of advice, guidance and other impartial information (with leaflets to download and print).

  • FSA regulations: Write to correct a wrong. RICS Chief Executive Louis Armstrong is urging members to write to their MP concerning the Treasury’s “unnecessary” plan to go beyond an EU directive in regulating insurance services accounts. Advice on what to mention to your local parliamentarian is here.

The Press Release section includes details on:

  • RICS seeks the third way on insurance regulation;

  • Buyers pause over interest rate chatter; and

  • Brook promises relevance and value for money.

The Events section details:

  • Employers’ Health and Safety Liabilities Roadshow 2004;

  • Valuers’ Roadshow 2004; and

  • RICS Machinery and Business Assets Faculty annual conference 2004.

The Features section includes:

  • Erik uses high technology to shape our world;

  • How does the Valuation Faculty work for RICS members?

  • Views of a Project Management Faculty Board member.

The current Research Reports include:

  • Land values and public transport;

  • Housing and market renewal – making the Pathfinders succeed; and

  • Can the waste planning system deliver?

Friends of the

This Web site includes details of foe’s current campaigns:

  • Global trade;

  • Biodiversity;

  • Safer chemicals;

  • Waste; and

  • Climate.

The Climate section includes details of which electricity green tariff:

  • Eco Energy;

  • Ecotricity Old Energy Tariff;

  • Good Energy (previously known as unit[e]);

  • Green Energy 100; and

  • RSPB Energy.

Joint industry board for the electrical contracting

“The principal objects of the Joint Industry Board are to regulate the relations between employers and employees engaged in the industry and to provide all kinds of benefits for persons concerned with the industry in such ways as the Joint Industry Board may think fit, for the purpose of stimulating and furthering the improvement and progress of the industry for the mutual advantage of the employers and employees engaged therein, and, in particular, for the purpose aforesaid and in the public interest, to regulate and control employment and productive capacity within the Industry and the level of skill and proficiency, wages and welfare benefits of persons concerned in the Industry”.

The aim of the board is, therefore, far reaching in seeking to generally improve the industry, its status and its productivity in the interests of the employer, the employees and the nation.

This Web site gives details of CIRIA’s new project “Management of accelerated low water corrosion in steel marine structures”. Steel structures are extensively used in the marine environment in applications that support commerce, society and infrastructure. They are also used in a variety of flood defence applications. Over the past 15 years the phenomenon of accelerated low water corrosion (ALWC) has emerged, leading to premature failure of steel structures. However, despite the large amount of research carried out into ALWC, there has been no real drive to disseminate these findings to the wider stakeholder groups.

CIRIA’s project will provide the maritime construction and repair industry with a comprehensive and user-friendly guidance document, thereby reducing ALWC damage to marine steel structures. The document will address the following issues:

  • ALWC prevalence in the UK and areas where it is particularly a problem;

  • the causes, process and effects of ALWC;

  • monitoring and identification of ALWC and its associated side-effects;

  • repairing structures that are being damaged by ALWC;

  • protective measures that can be included in the repairs to prevent further damage to the structure;

  • retrofit techniques for newly constructed structures not yet requiring repair from ALWC; and

  • the design of steel structures to minimise ALWC attack.

Another of CIRIA’s projects concerns the management of the impacts of flooding. This project is concerned with “Designing for exceedance” in urban drainage – good practice. The project aims to produce design guidance on the development of urban drainage systems that can safely and sustainably accommodate periods of exceedance so as to reduce the impacts of localised flooding.


This Web site includes a wealth of information including “Green Specifications”.

  • Strategic issues;

  • Adaptability and flexibility of use;

  • Social issues;

  • Economic factors;

  • Operational construction issues;

  • General issues: adaptability;

  • Construction planning and logistics;

  • Materials;

  • Methods of construction;

  • Transport issues;

  • Material efficiency and waste;

  • Waste management in use;

  • Waste hierarchies; and

  • Other waste hierarchies.

The main menu is structured as:

  • products;

  • specifications;

  • design;

  • resources;

  • forums;

  • background; and

  • contact.

IT Construction Best

IT Construction Best Practice (ITCBP) that supports companies in the construction sector make better use of IT in their business and management practices. It is a service of the government-funded Construction Best Practice programme, currently combined within the constructing excellence initiative. The main menu is structured as follows:

  • e-construction;

  • Knowledge Management;

  • Integration and Modelling;

  • Analysis Design Drawing;

  • Health and Safety;

  • IT Law;

  • Business and Management;

  • Cost and Finance; and

  • IT and Sustainability.

British Board of Agré

The British Board of Agrément is a partner with government. Its governing board includes representation on behalf of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

The BBA’s Agrément certificates have been providing authoritative and independent information on the performance of building products for over 35 years. Every Agrément certificate contains important data on durability, installation and compliance with Building Regulations. The site is structured as:

  • Search certificate;

  • Installers;

  • HAPAS;

  • ETA;

  • Testing; and

  • What is new.

The main menu of this site is structured as:

  • News;

  • Products;

  • Login;

  • Technical;

  • Links; and

  • Help.

The Tile

The Tile Association represents the wall and floor tile industry in the UK. It represents all aspects of the industry from manufacture to installation. It is committed to raising standards of product, installation, sales, training and promotion across the industry.

The Glass in Buildings section of this Web site includes:

  • Editorial;

  • The new Deutsche Post Tower;

  • International Neuroscience Institute (INI), Hanover;

  • Converted water tower, Netherlands;

  • Cegid head office, Lyon;

  • Watery world of glass;

  • Mercedes dealership, Rome;

  • Cost-effective environmental control in buildings;

  • Curved and tempered glass – new possibilities for shapes and model design;

  • The Cantonal Bank, Basle; and

  • Archives.

Stephen Todd

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