Structural Survey and the Internet

Structural Survey

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Publication date: 1 October 2000




Todd, S. (2000), "Structural Survey and the Internet", Structural Survey, Vol. 18 No. 4.

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Structural Survey and the Internet

Stephen Todd

Keywords Construction industry, WWW

The Web site information in this volume includes some key sites and other new resources. If there are any other sites that you find particularly useful, please e-mail me at

The Building Research Establishment ( and

On 31 January 2000 the BRE launched an online information service: www.askbre. This paid-for service provides analysis and independent value judgements and deals with issues including:

  • Management, process and productivity issues.

  • Analysis of regulations, standards and policy.

  • Informed analysis of construction law.

  • Best practice examples and case studies.

  • New design and construction techniques.

  • Sustainability, whole life and best value.

  • Building defects and how to avoid them.

  • Information technology for construction and the built environment.

Two free services are also included in the site:

  1. 1.

    An Internet search engine that interrogates over 14,000 construction sites.

  2. 2.

    A comprehensive listing of all professional bodies and associations within the built environment including contact details.

In April 2000 the BRE also launched "BEBO", the online bookshop for the built environment.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (

The "What's new" section of this site now includes information on:

  • Brussels' briefing (European Housing Forum – working time directives, etc., and Lisbon summit – simplifying VAT, etc).

  • Economic briefing.

  • Press releases.

  • Policy submissions/Westminster.

The Building Centre (

This site is described as "the world's largest permanent exhibition and single source of information covering all aspects of architecture and design, construction and planning, home improvement, DIY and self-build". The site includes:

  • Bookshop.

  • What's on display.

  • Information services.

  • Market research.

  • Export action centre.

  • Building centre trust.


The Loss Prevention Council (

The Loss Prevention Council (LPC) addresses the scientific and technical factors which contribute to risk. It specialises in the areas of fire, security, health and safety, construction and the environment. The LPC is owned by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Lloyd's of London, and works with many organisations in both private and public sectors.

LPC provides services at every stage of the loss prevention process. These include research, standards setting, product testing and certification, training and consultancy.

The Web site includes:

  • Conferences.

  • Risk sciences.

  • Labs.

  • Loss prevention certification board.

  • Press releases.

  • Consultancy.

  • Information.

  • Publications.

The Marley Equator Web site (

This Web site gives information on a new range of plumbing and heating products. The products are manufactured from cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), which is claimed to have excellent performance capabilities and is a real alternative to copper. The Web site also offers technical information and current literature which can be downloaded.

Anglian Building Products (

This site gives information to design and specify new or replacement windows. There is a comprehensive data library to provide answers to the majority of technical questions.

Chelwood Brick (

This site provides a good source of brick information. The Chelwood product range allows bricks to be located by colour and type and includes pictorial as well as technical information. The site also includes downloadable brochures covering a wide range of topics including brickwork dimensions, arch and sill sets, special-shaped bricks and brickwork detailing.

Trus Joist TJM Europe (

This site features product data, application information, diagrams and graphics. Technical details, engineering information and product images can all be viewed. Thumbnail drawings from the company's technical literature are available for downloading. There is also a "span calculator" available to give specifiers added information.

Seasafe (

This site includes information on the company's range of fibreglass gratings and structural products. The grating styles include open moulded and pultruded. The site also includes a complete set of model grating specifications in pdf format and a literature library, which enables the user to order a full set of related publications. Another section of the site explores the accident prevention aspects of anti-slip grating, work platforms, stair treads and ladders.

Corus (

This Web site describes products from the merger of British Steel and Koninklijke Hoogovens. There is a drop-down menu selector allowing the user to find their area of interest.

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (

This site includes "Roof net", a new facility allowing the user to type in a keyword and search for a particular product or material. Alternatively, users may navigate through a series of menus to create tender lists of suppliers. This site also acts as a gateway to the individual sites of Federation members and contains information from bodies such as the Roofing Industry Alliance.

This site is described as "Europe's first business-to-business e-commerce site for the construction industry". Building materials and services from a "virtual marketplace" of suppliers and buyers are available. The site also allows the linking together of all parties involved in a construction project, enabling them to manage every stage of the construction process from design and tender to building and maintenance online.

Rating 2000 (

The average increase in rateable value for businesses in England is 25 per cent, which compares with 13 per cent in Wales and Scotland. This site has been constructed by Gerald Eve and contains a rating calculator to enable users to find out how much they will have to pay for their property for the next five years.

Bubl Information Service (

This site is described as "national information service for the higher education community". It includes subject headings for architecture, buildings, earth sciences, civil engineering and surveying.

EEVL: Heriot-Watt Virtual Library (

This Edinburgh University site has been completely redesigned and provides a gateway to high-quality information in engineering. The construction and building engineering section includes information on:

  • Construction and building engineering (general).

  • Construction and building components and products.

  • Construction and building equipment.

  • Construction and building management.

  • Construction and building materials.

  • Construction and building methods.

  • Facilities and services.

  • Surveying.

Multimap (

This site is described as "a complete interactive atlas on the Web". It includes maps down to street level for the whole of the UK to a maximum scale of 1:10,000. In order to obtain a detailed map, a UK city, town, village or postcode can be entered.

Product Selector online (

This RIBA site provides users with a searchable index of UK manufacturers and product details. Individual manufacture listings can also provide gateways to manufacturers' own Web sites.

Contaminated land (

This site includes information on contaminated land in the UK, for all those working in the field. It includes details on standards, guidelines, legislation, regulation and causes of contamination. References to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Environment Act 1995 are included.

The Lead Sheet Association (

This site provides information on using lead in building and includes:

  • Design and installation.

  • Types of lead sheet.

  • Publication.

  • Health and safety.

Ceram (

This Web site describes how Ceram has been helping clients overcome technical and production challenges across a wide range of materials, disciplines and industries. It also includes links to associated Web sites, journals and publications.