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(2000), "Publications directory", Structural Survey, Vol. 18 No. 1.



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Publications directory

Revised guidance on radon protection measures in new homes has been published by BRE - in partnership with DETR. The guidance includes details of additional areas of England and Wales where radon protection will be required by the Building Regulations from 14 January 2000. These new areas include parts of the Yorkshire Dales, Wales and the Welsh Border, South Oxfordshire, Midlands, Gloucestershire, the Lake District and Northumberland. There are also a few scattered areas in South-East England. Revised technical details of radon protection are also included in Radon: Guidance on Protective Measures for New Dwellings (BR211) which is available from CRC Ltd. Tel. 0171 505 6622.

HSE CD-ROM on hand-arm vibration

A new CD-ROM is available from the HSE that provides managers and health and safety specialists with a new tool in the battle against diseases such as vibration white finger. The HSE estimates that over a million people are exposed to hand-arm vibration at work and it is estimated that about 160,000 people are exposed at levels where there is a risk of developing hand arm vibration syndrome. The CD-ROM is available from HSE Books. Tel: 01787 881165.

An introduction to dynamics

This new ICE design and practice guide explains the basic theories underlying dynamics. The subject is of increasing interest to civil and structural engineers because structures have become lighter, members more slender and much cladding has changed from masonry to steel and composite materials. These changes have increased the amplitudes of vibration and have moved the frequencies of structures into bands which are more difficult to deal with and more perceptible to occupants. Dynamics: An Introduction for Civil and Structural Engineers is available from Thomas Telford Publishing. Tel: 0207 987 6999.

Home valuations and surveys

A report published by BBG Surveyors suggests that women take control of the household finances and are generally in favour of commissioning surveys. The report suggests that one in five homebuyers who has a survey saves money by negotiating the purchase price.

Revised guidance on circular saws

The HSE has published revised essential guidance to help users of circular saws work safely. Information sheet No. 16 is available from HSE Books. Tel: 01787 881165.

Scottish property market report 1999

This eighth annual report looks at economic trends, property market activity and property investment performance in Scotland. The report is available from Scottish Enterprise. Tel: 0141 248 2700.

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