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Article publication date: 7 September 2012


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Web sites

Article Type: Web sites From: Sensor Review, Volume 32, Issue 4



Headquartered in the UK, Meggitt PLC is a global engineering group specialising in extreme environment components and smart sub-systems for the aerospace, defence and energy markets.

Meggitt’s vast and comprehensive web site is divided into three main sections: group information, financial information and corporate governance. Under group information is a portal to Meggitt’s six operating divisions, including its sensing systems, which measure physical parameters in extreme environments.

Meggitt Sensing Systems is comprised of eight development and manufacturing sites located all over the world to serve the civil and military aerospace, energy, power generation, nuclear, oil and gas, industrial, laboratory measurement, automotive and space markets. The eight groups are: condition-based monitoring systems, high performance sensors, flame monitoring systems, fluid monitoring systems, measurement systems, inertial systems, ignition systems and on-board electronics.

Though the web site provides an excellent overview on its sensing systems, it would be helpful if it also included links to additional technical information such as photos, videos and specs.



Environetix Technologies Corporation was formed in 2009 as a technology-transfer spin-off company based on the resulting research from the partnership between the US Air Force and the University of Maine Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology.

Environetix provides wireless solutions to the challenges of sensing temperature, pressure, vibration, strain and corrosion in harsh and extreme environments. Their well laid out web site presents, under the Technologies and Solutions link, an introduction to its surface acoustic wave sensor systems with passive, wireless communications for harsh environments from ambient temperature to 1,000°C amid corrosive gases and abrasive particles.

There are also links containing documents and news and events.

Insight Robotics


The tagline for Insight Robotics Ltd, a Hong Kong company that focuses on innovative technology for disaster, data and resources management, is “Saving the World Bit by Bit, Grid by Grid”.

Insight’s web site is brief, though its technology is impressive and has earned several awards and achievements.

The products and services tab highlights: insight disperse asset management platform, computer vision wildlife detection systems, and its robotics products. The news and events link covers press releases, media coverage and events.

Advanced Fire Detection Project


The Advanced Fire Detection Project being conducted at the Engineering Laboratory of the US National Institute of Standards and Testing aims to utilize a systems approach, with research in sensors and sensor modeling, data fusion, human interaction and implementation strategies, to enable early warning fire detection to significantly reduce egress time.

This terse, but important portal, also offers useful links to additional web sites on fire detection research, related programs and projects.



This is the homepage for TGS, a Norwegian publicly traded company, which provides multi-client geoscience data and services to oil and gas exploration and production companies around the globe.

TGS’ comprehensive web site features a wealth of information on its geophysical and geological data products, as well as providing a data zone, a multi-client geoscience data library.

Under the reservoir tab can be found detailed information on Stingray Systems, TGS’ proprietary seabed seismic permanent reservoir monitoring systems, developed from a unique fiber sensing technology.

Center for Quality Engineering and Failure Prevention


For the past two decades, the Center for Quality Engineering and Failure Prevention at Northwestern University has conducted leading research that utilizes an integrated approach in the area of Intelligent Structural Health Management of safety-critical aerospace, civil and mechanical structures.

The center’s homepage announces its leadership of a five-year National Science Foundation global program along with a newly established program web site.

The research pages cover additional current projects that include: photoacoustic characterization of materials, ultrasonic imaging camera, ultrasonic nonlinearity for fatigue damage characterization, fiber-optic sensors, as well as material on eight different past projects.

The rest of this well-organized site addresses the center’s facilities, publications opportunities, people and outreach.

Organizations and associations

Natural Environment Research Council


Coordination Action for Research Activities on life in Extreme Environments