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Web sites

Article Type: Web sites From: Sensor Review, Volume 31, Issue 4

Optoelectronics Research Centre


The University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) is one of the world’s leading institutes for photonics research.

ORC’s web site presents an excellent overview of the 22-year-old centre and its cutting-edge research which provides innovative solutions for real-life problems in health care, manufacturing, communication, technology, defense, renewable energy, and the environment.

The site also includes: descriptions of its 30 research groups, seven of which fall under the theme of optical fibers; impact case studies; a searchable database of all publications and presented papers; collaborations with universities and industry; its PhD programme; job opportunities; and latest news.

Fiber Optic Sensors and Sensing Systems


Belgium-based Fiber Optic Sensors and Sensing Systems (FOS&S) is a manufacturer of fiber optical sensors and measurement systems for the construction, aerospace, oil and gas, and mining industries.

FOS&S’ clear and concise web site includes information on its: company’s history, partnerships, and cooperations; projects within its four market segments; products, which is divided into the four areas of DTG, DTS, SBS, and DVM; three main categories of technologies – fiber Bragg grating technology, stimulated brillouin scattering technology, and distributed vibration monitoring; job opportunities; European research projects; and publications.

Hotate & Yamashita & He Laboratories


This is the web site for the Hotate & Yamashita & He Laboratories, part of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems at the University of Tokyo.

Hotate & He is a joint laboratory formed by Professors Hotate and He, and specializes in fiber optic sensing systems. The Yamashita Laboratory concentrates on fundamental optoelectronic devices such as optical fibers and optical fiber lasers.

The homepage highlights news and topics from both labs, and provides separate links to the Hotate & He Lab, and the Yamashita Lab. Both lab pages contain detailed descriptions of the labs and include the aims of the labs and links to specific research projects.

Other site links contain present and past lab members, publications, and lecture notes.

Luna Technologies


Luna Technologies, headquartered in Virginia, USA, is a division of publicly traded Luna Innovations Incorporated. Luna Technologies is a supplier of fiber optic test and sensing instrumentation to industry, defense agencies, government systems integrators, and research and development customers worldwide.

Luna Tech’s homepage shows its two main product lines, fiber optic test and fiber sensing solutions. Each of these product links further describe the available systems and solutions, with additional links to its respective technologies overview, publications, applications, product news, product demonstrations, testimonials, and request for price quote.

Institute of Photonic Technology


Founded in 1992 and now with 250 employees, Germany’s Institute of Photonic Technology (IPHT) conducts cutting-edge research and development on optical solutions for the health, environment, safety and security, production, and energy markets.

IPHT’s homepage displays the latest news and events. Other links outline the institute’s six different, but interconnected, fields of research: micro and nanotechnology, fiber technology, system technology, biophotonics, fiber optics and photonic detection, and its eight research departments.

Projects can be found under the institute’s portrait tab, along with IPHT’s annual reports.

FISO Technologies


FISO Technologies Inc., headquartered in Quebec, Canada, is a leading developer and manufacturer of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners which measure strain, temperature, pressure, refractive index, and displacement.

FISO’s comprehensive web site consists of in-depth material on the company, its fiber optic sensing solutions for medical, energy, process control, research laboratories, and civil engineering applications; its sensors, signal processing, datasheets, and new products; and documentation, media, and technical support.

Centre for Photonics Technology


The Centre for Photonics Technology (CPT) at Virginia Tech conducts innovative research in fiber optics, fiber optic sensors, and biomedical and applied optics.

The CPT’s dynamic homepage features an introduction to five of its fiber optic sensors: specialty fiber drawing, miniature optical fiber sensors, chemical and biosensing, sapphire sensors for harsh environments, and distributed fiber optic sensing. The homepage also lists the latest news and job openings.

In addition to research, other links cover the centre’s people, courses, publications, facilities, and equipment.

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