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Patent abstracts

Article Type: Patent abstracts From: Sensor Review, Volume 28, Issue 3

Title: Integrated proximity sensor and light sensor

Applicant: Fadell Anthony, M. (USA); Pantfoerder Achim (USA)

Patent number: US2008006762

Publication date: 10 January 2008

Apparatuses and methods to sense proximity and to detect light. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes an emitter of electromagnetic radiation and a detector of electromagnetic radiation; the detector has a sensor to detect electromagnetic radiation from the emitter when sensing proximity, and to detect electromagnetic radiation from a source other than the emitter when sensing visible light. The emitter may be disabled at least temporarily to allow the detector to detect electromagnetic radiation from a source other than the emitter, such as ambient light. In one implementation, the ambient light is measured by measuring infrared wavelengths. Also, a fence having a non-IR transmissive material disposed between the emitter and the detector to remove electromagnetic radiation emitted by the emitter. Other apparatuses and methods and data processing systems and machine readable media are also described.

Title: A multi-colour sensitive device for color image sensing

Applicant: EPFL Service DES Relations IND (CH)

Patent number: CN101069287

Publication date: 7 November 2007

A sensor element capable of sensing more than one spectral band of electromagnetic radiation with the same (x-y) spatial location, especially where the dimensions x-y-z form a set of Cartesian coordinates with z parallel to the direction of incident electromagnetic radiation, is characterized in that the element consists of a stack of sub-elements each capable of sensing different spectral bands of electromagnetic radiation. These sub-elements each contain a non-silicon semiconductor, where the non-silicon semiconductor in each sub-element is sensitive to and/or has been sensitized to be sensitive to different spectral bands of electromagnetic radiation.

Title: Structure for pixel sensor cell that collects electrons and holes

Applicant: Adkisson James, W. (USA); Bryant Andres (USA); Ellis-Monaghan John, J. (USA); Jaffe Mark, D. (USA); Johnson Jeffrey, B. (USA); Loiseau Alain (USA)

Patent number: US2007296006

Publication date: 27 December 2007

The present invention relates to a design structure for a pixel sensor cell. The pixel sensor cell approximately doubles the available signal for a given quanta of light. A design structure for a pixel sensor cell having reduced complexity includes an n-type collection well-region formed beneath a surface of a substrate for collecting electrons generated by electromagnetic radiation impinging on the pixel sensor cell and a p-type collection well-region formed beneath the surface of the substrate for collecting holes generated by the impinging photons. A circuit structure having a first input is coupled to the n-type collection well region and a second input is coupled to the p-type collection well region, wherein an output signal of the pixel sensor cell is the magnitude of the difference of a signal of the first input and a signal of the second input.

Title: Device for investigating the spectral and spatial distribution of an electromagnetic radiation emitted from an object comprises radiation-receiving elements made from miniaturized filter elements permeable in the narrow spectral region

Applicant: Opsolution GmbH (DE)

Patent number: DE102006039073

Publication date: 14 February 2008

Device for investigating the spectral and spatial distribution of an electromagnetic radiation emitted from an object comprises radiation-receiving elements made from miniaturized filter elements permeable in the narrow spectral region. The filter elements and the sensor elements assigned to them form a sensor arranged on the object. Preferred features: the sensor and filter elements form a sensor and filter array. The spectral regions with a statistical or pseudo-statistical distribution are assigned to the filter elements.

Title: Gas sensor with one point calibration

Applicant: Digital Control Systems, Inc. (USA)

Patent number: US7326922

Publication date: 5 February 2008

System and method for calibrating a sensor comprises a detector capable of detecting electromagnetic radiation at least at a radiation wavelength of interest, an analyzer capable of determining concentration values in response to the detected radiation, and a calibrator capable of automatically calibrating the analyzer in response to at least one concentration value. A method for operating a calibrator comprises receiving an initiation signal capable of initiating the calibrator, automatically obtaining concentration values in response to the initiation signal, and automatically determining a calibration value from the obtained concentration values. In an embodiment, the calibrator automatically determines when a calibration gas equilibrates within a sample chamber.

Title: System and method for a high-dynamic range sensitive sensor element array

Applicant: Davidovici Sorin (USA)

Patent number: US2008023623

Publication date: 31 January 2008

A high-dynamic range sensitive sensor array is described which uses a combination of pixel structures, some of which incorporating phase domain integration techniques to accurately capture high- and low-intensity images. The sensor elements included as many of the pixel structures in the sensor array are not limited by dynamic range characteristics exhibited by prior art solid-state pixel structures and is thus capable of capturing a full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to provide a high-quality output image.

Title: Electron bombarded image sensor array device as well as Suchan image sensor array

Applicant: Photonis DEP BV (NL)

Patent number: CA2612028

Publication date: 21 December 2006

The invention relates to an electron bombarded image sensor array device comprising a vacuum chamber having a photocathode capable of releasing electrons into said vacuum chamber when exposed to electromagnetic radiation impinging on said photocathode, electric field means for accelerating said released electrons from said photocathode towards an anode spaced apart from said photocathode in a facing relationship to receive an electron image from said photocathode, said anode being constructed as an back thinned image sensor array having electric connecting pads and being mounted to a carrier using mounting means, said carrier having electric connecting pads to feed electric signals from said image sensor array finally outside said vacuum chamber. The invention also relates to an image sensor array to be used in such a device.

Title: Process monitoring and control

Applicant: Gencoa Ltd (GB)

Patent number: GB2441582

Publication date: 12 March 2008

A sensor applicable to plasma processes (e.g. magnetron sputtering), or to non-plasma processes, in order to provide a control or monitoring signal for the process is adapted to be attached to a process environment containing gas or vapour related to the process and includes means for exciting species present in the gas or vapour to produce emission of electromagnetic radiation there from and means for detecting the emitted radiation to provide information relating to the process, e.g. for use in feedback control of the process. The excitation means may comprise an anode and a cathode between which a plasma discharge may be produced. Alternatively, a laser may be provided to produce the excitation, e.g. by inducing fluorescence. An optical collecting device directs emitted radiation to a detection device which provides information relating to the spectral content of the emitted radiation.

Title: Fluid sensing system and methods, including vehicle fuel sensors

Applicant: Insitu Group, Inc. (USA)

Patent number: US2008017758

Publication date: 24 January 2008

Fluid sensing systems and methods, including sensors used to sense various fluid levels in vehicles, are disclosed herein. One aspect of the invention is directed toward a method for sensing a fluid that includes passing electromagnetic radiation through a receptacle positioned to hold a fluid. The receptacle can be configured so that electromagnetic radiation that passes through portions of the receptacle containing fluid is focused. The method can further include determining, whether fluid is located in a selected portion of the receptacle based on an amount of electromagnetic radiation that impinges on at least one radiation sensor, a characteristic of fluid located in the passageway of the selected portion based on a pattern of the electromagnetic radiation that is created on the at least one radiation sensor.

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