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(2008), "Web sites", Sensor Review, Vol. 28 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/sr.2008.08728bag.001



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Web sites

Article Type: Web sites From: Sensor Review, Volume 28, Issue 2.



This is the company web site for AeroScout. Aeroscout delivers visibility solutions based on Wi-Fi and other wireless networking standards. AeroScout pioneered the Wi-Fi visibility market, introducing the industry's first Wi-Fi based Active RFID tag. The company has been recognisedx for its innovative products by top publications, leading analysts and major industry awards.

The AeroScout Visibility System uses Wi-Fi wireless networks to accurately locate and track valuable assets such as equipment or people. By operating over popular wireless data communications standards, AeroScout's solutions add minimal incremental cost to a communications network and enable a broad set of applications

The web site is modern and user friendly. It has detailed list of the products and services the company offers. There are flash demos on the site to illustrate the product usage. There are also case studies on the site, showing where the product has been implemented for existing clients.



This is the company web site for Autodesk Location Services. Autodesk Learning Services provides platform software, applications, frameworks and professional services, delivering location- smart services to wireless customers.

Their core product is LocationLogic, which provides the infrastructure, application services, content provisioning, and integration services for deploying and maintaining location- based services. Autodesk LocationLogic provides reliable processing of high- transaction volumes, integration with an existing network infrastructure, and an environment for developing new applications. LocationLogic plays a central role in combining carrier network, location determination infrastructure and geographic content with location-sensitive applications.

This is an exhaustive and modern web site, with good product information; it contains lists of communities and industry applications where the product can be implemented. The site has a points of interest blog, as well as detailing the latest news releases and listing forthcoming events that Autodesk is attending.



This is the company web site for InterGraph, detailing their product IntelliWhere.

IntelliWhere technology takes location information and exploits its power for mobile users and enterprise applications. IntelliWhere solutions are focused on helping enterprises improve how they manage mobile resources their field crews, vehicles, and assets by taking real-time location information, integrating it into enterprise systems, and analyzing it to enhance business decision making.

The web site is clean and easy to navigate, with a good overview of the IntelliWhere product. It does not have much in the way of product images or detail specifications, however.



This is the company web site for Snaptrack. Snaptrack's end-to-end Wireless Assisted GPS (A-GPS) solution, known as hybrid positioning, combines satellite and terrestrial-based technologies, eliminating the expense and complexity of using a network- based location system. The result is more accurate, reliable position location services indoors, inside moving vehicles, in urban canyons and other challenging environments.

Snaptrack's handset-based solution can be quickly and easily deployed without the expense and complexity of modifying existing equipment or adding new cell sites.

The web site holds good detail of the Snaptrack system, and includes interactive flash product demonstrations.

Spirent Communications


This is the company web site for Spirent Communications, specialists in navigation and positioning test systems. Spirent is one of the world's leading providers of GNSS test and simulation systems. Over the past five years, the company has developed new systems for testing modernized GPS signals, all Galileo signals and services, augmentation systems, A-GPS in mobile devices, in vehicle navigation systems, aircraft landing systems, adaptive antennas, inertial navigation systems and classified military navigation signals.

This is a modern web site with a great deal of information across their product portfolio. The site also contains relevant articles, brochures and white papers, and there is a news site containing news related to the company.

TCS Telecommunications Systems


This is the web site for TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), a leading provider of mission-critical wireless data solutions to government customers, public safety and carriers.

TCS produces wireless data communications technology solutions that require proven high levels of reliability. TCS wireless data offerings include secure deployable communications systems and engineered satellite-based services; location-based wireless and VoIP Enhanced 9-1-1 services; messaging and location service infrastructure for wireless operators; and commercial location applications, like traffic and navigation, using the precise location of a wireless device.

The web site has plenty of information about the company, as well as the products. It also has relevant news articles and details of upcoming industry events.

True Position


This is the company web site for TruePosition. TruePosition is dedicated to the development and implementation of advanced wireless location products, services and devices, providing complete solutions to support the wireless location needs of the global marketplace. In addition to providing industry leading core location technologies, TruePosition supports all levels of the wireless location value chain to offer turnkey solutions

The web site contains an overview of the products, and even includes a flash demonstration of the various application types, though there appears to be few product images. The web site is modern, clear and easy to navigate.

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