The Axis 3D X-ray system

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Article publication date: 28 March 2008



(2008), "The Axis 3D X-ray system", Sensor Review, Vol. 28 No. 2.



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The Axis 3D X-ray system

Article Type: New products From: Sensor Review, Volume 28, Issue 2.

The Axis-3D (Figure 1), from 3D X- Ray Limited, is a fully integrated stand alone 3D and 2D X-ray inspection system for conveyor-belt-based QC, SPC, NDT and general industrial applications.

Figure 1 Axis-3D fully integrated inspection system

The system incorporates a number of unique technological features, and provides an unparalleled imaging capability making it “best in class” for image quality. It can be used for either automatic or manual inspection and is available in both 3D (stereoscopic) and conventional 2D configurations, with the 3D being able to measure volumes, 3D dimensions and alignments with an accuracy approaching that of the width of a human hair (100mm).

US Government's prestigious Transport Security Administration organization tested the company's 3D X-ray technology in a baggage scanning application and reported that real-time 3D images provides “significant” improvements when compared to 2D X-ray inspection systems. This is coupled with Axis' ability to measure relative positions and boundaries very accurately allows it to separate different components, even when you have close-fit plastic components inside a plastic or metal casing.

Axis-3D's standard conveyor design allows simple and rapid integration with existing production line facilities to provide an integrated in-line inspection system. Standard tunnel sizes are 40×60cm and 80×100cm.

The system is based on a simply plug in and use concept. Its advanced X-ray imaging technology produces 3D or 2D images in real-time as the objects under inspection move continuously through the system.

Axis software generates the image data that can be viewed directly by customers on high resolution 2D or 3D monitors and it incorporates an impressive range of real-time image processing functions to aid recognition of faults or contaminants. The system can link directly into a company's existing QC system via industry standard interfaces. Alternatively the 3D X-ray can provide tailored software solutions for image display and processing including pass/ fail decisions in fully automated in-line inspection systems.

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