New motor feedback technology increases accuracy without affecting cost

Sensor Review

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Publication date: 25 January 2008



(2008), "New motor feedback technology increases accuracy without affecting cost", Sensor Review, Vol. 28 No. 1.

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New motor feedback technology increases accuracy without affecting cost

New motor feedback technology increases accuracy without affecting cost

The new SEK52 capacitive encoder from SICK (UK) Ltd (Figure 5) is set to have a profound impact within all industries and applications that employ brushless servo technology. Not only does it offer 16 times the resolution of a standard resolver, but also it does so at a competitive price.

Other features, which set the SEK52 apart from traditional resolver technology, include a HIPERFACE interface and an electronic type label. As the new encoder is also mechanically compatible with most applications, SICK envisages a significant market shift away from resolvers to this new higher accuracy technology.

Figure 5 The new SEK52 capacitive encoder which includes a HIPERFACE interface

Coupled to brushless servo motors, the market potential of this new device is massive. Among the many applications suggested by SICK are packaging and print machinery, steel manufacture, textile processing and industrial presses. Anywhere that currently employs servo/resolver combinations can now take advantage of the increased performance offered by this new technology.

With its capacitive functional principle, the SEK52 offers a level of robustness comparable to resolvers. But the real differentiating factor behind the SEK52 is its considerably greater accuracy – a direct result of it offering 16 sin/cosine periods compared to just one in a resolver. Its ability to seamlessly integrate into modern automation systems is another major plus. Thanks to its electronic type label it can store information relating to the motor it is paired with, information that can include peak torque, peak current and the motor's speed characteristics. This facility makes set up significantly easier as there is no need to enter motor details manually – leading to quicker and easier drive commissioning. Combine these features with its HIPERFACE interface and its attractive pricing position and SICK truly has a world-beater.

With the SEK52, SICK completes its portfolio of rotating position and path measurement systems in the low-performance market, a segment in which existing resolver solutions have reached their technological limits, surviving for years largely for reasons of cost. The SEK52 profits from SICKjStegmann's many years' of experience in high-end applications, together with its technologically-based development and production capabilities.