Cognex introduces breakthrough industrial code reading software

Sensor Review

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Article publication date: 1 December 2004




(2004), "Cognex introduces breakthrough industrial code reading software", Sensor Review, Vol. 24 No. 4.



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Cognex introduces breakthrough industrial code reading software

Cognex introduces breakthrough industrial code reading software

Keywords: Machine vision, Identification

Cognex, the world's leading supplier of machine vision systems and vision sensors, currently announced IDMax, a breakthrough in Data Matrix code reading software (Plate 3). IDMax provides highest read rates in direct part mark ID applications. Based on Cognex's patented PatMax® technology, IDMax is designed for direct part mark identification (DPMI), a fast emerging segment of the industrial ID market that involves directly marking parts with permanent two-dimensional (2D) data matrix codes, then reading those codes quickly and reliably throughout the production process.

Plate 3 IDMax from Cognex

Automotive, aerospace, defence, medical device, and electronics manufacturers are increasingly implementing DPMI for error-proofing to ensure that the appropriate manufacturing processes are performed in the correct sequence on the right parts. In addition, DPMI is a vital tool in creating a history of the part from the beginning of its life to the end, for later use in supply chain management and repair depots.

“DPMI is a challenging application, requiring fast and reliable reading of Data Matrix codes marked directly on the toughest surfaces, such as metal, glass, ceramic, and plastic,” said Justin Testa, Senior Vice-President of ID Products for Cognex. “These codes can become distorted due to the manufacturing process, and many are poorly marked with missing or inconsistent features. IDMax tolerates these distortions and achieves the high read rates that are vital to the success of any part tracking application”.

IDMax code reading software is available currently on the new industrial-grade Cognex In-Sight® 5100, 5400, and 3400 vision sensors. In addition to reading data matrix codes, In-Sight vision sensors can read 1D barcodes, RSS/ Composite symbologies and an extensive and expanding list of industry standard codes. These In-Sight vision sensors also include a full library of powerful image processing and analysis tools that offer unparalleled vision performance for inspection, gauging, and assembly verification applications. The unique vision spreadsheet and In-Sight Explorer software make application development and network administration fast and simple.

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