Simple gas sampling

Sensor Review

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Article publication date: 1 September 2004




(2004), "Simple gas sampling", Sensor Review, Vol. 24 No. 3.



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Simple gas sampling

Simple gas sampling

Keywords: Gas sensors, Sampling inspection

The Easidew Sampler is a general purpose sampling system that allows easy measurement of dew point in many compressed air and industrial gas applications (Plate 4). The Easidew Sampler provides all the necessary components to allow a sample of gas under test to be conditioned for measurement either at atmospheric or full line pressure up to 10 bar; the two most commonly demanded sampling conditions. Easidew Sampler provides flow and pressure regulation and an in-line particulate filter, as well as housing the sensor, all in a single monolithic block assembly. The system is provided with a multi-directional mounting bracket for easy mounting on a panel, post or pipe brace. Easidew Sampler can be used with any dew-point transmitter in Michell's Ceramic sensor range.

Plate 4 The Easidew Sampler

Easidew Sampler is manufactured from a single, machined stainless steel block. This reduces the number of pipe joints required to get a sample to the sensor under test and also reduces internal volume and surface area. As a result, the sampling system has a faster response and higher integrity than similar systems built from discreet components. The integrated particulate filter provides further protection against solid contamination.

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