Compact multi-function instrument system

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(2000), "Compact multi-function instrument system", Sensor Review, Vol. 20 No. 2.



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Compact multi-function instrument system

Compact multi-function instrument system

Keyword: Measurement

The new Yokogawa WE7000 series is a PC-based range of instrumentation modules which combine to produce a measurement workstation that will replace a mixture of conventional benchtop instruments (see Plate 9).

The advantage of such an integrated approach is that an instrument system can be created for benchtop use, saving space, or for dedicated test purposes, allowing all measurement results and captured data to be viewed or analysed on a single PC.

Plate 9 The Yokogawa WE7000 series compact multi-function instrument system

Hitherto, this approach has been limited by the speed of the PC-to-instrument interface, but Yokogawa has developed an optical communications interface which, as well as being very fast, up to 250Mbit/s, is also highly immune to noise and interference.

Unlike other PC-based instrumentation, the Yokogawa system allows each module to be calibrated individually to maintain stand-alone traceability.

A separate software package is not required for the WE7000 system, and therefore it can be used immediately on start-up without the need for time-consuming software creation.

Each module contains its own in-built software, which automatically opens up on the PC as soon as it is connected. This software provides full front-panel emulation for instrument control and setting, along with a wide range of signal viewing and analysis capabilities.

Diagrammatic set-up screens are available to allow complex trigger arrangements to be created between modules.

Instrument modules available include a digital oscilloscope, function generator, counter/timer, multichannel digital thermometer, and a data-acquisition system with fully isolated inputs.

In addition to the optical interface the system can also communicate using Ethernet and GPIB interfaces.

For further information contact: Yokogawa Martron Limited, Wellington Road, High Wycombe, Bucks HP12 3PR, UK.

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