Data from strain gauges and sensors without the need for wires!

Sensor Review

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Article publication date: 1 June 2000




(2000), "Data from strain gauges and sensors without the need for wires!", Sensor Review, Vol. 20 No. 2.



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Data from strain gauges and sensors without the need for wires!

Data from strain gauges and sensors without the need for wires!

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A simple, cost-effective solution is now available from TSM. The Award Winning Sensor Link wireless telemetry system presents a neat, compact alternative to wires. Now it is possible to send data signals from any sensor or strain gauge on to any data logger or read-out device (see Plate 8).

Sensor Link features miniature microprocessors and digital circuitry which offers completely digitally encoded data transmission that is safe and error-free. Corruption of this data transmission and any external interference or "noise" is significantly reduced with the digital encoding process and unit code checking safe guards.

Designed for low power operation using 433MHz frequency, Sensor Link is powered from an external power pack or a built-in rechargeable battery. A power saving mode is available to ensure extended battery life. A compact 1/4 wave helical antenna is featured on both units as standard, providing a line of sight transmission of up to 300m. Signal sampling speed is up to 200 milliseconds with a high resolution of 13 bits.

Plate 8The award winning Sensor Link wireless sensor interface from TSM

The receiver unit features LED indicators for battery level, battery charging and communications failure. The unit itself can be fixed or mobile. Each unit has a user ID which can be selected from 256 available address codes, ensunng that transmitted data are only received by the designated receiver. A communications failure alarm is fitted as standard. Both units are light, yet very rugged. Tough ABS enclosures give environmental protection to IP65 against water ingress or dust.

Sensor Link is easy to install and operate with virtually no maintenance required. Typical applications include remote monitoring of strain gauges, load cells, sensors and transducers. Both units are attractively priced at »190 for the SL400T transmitter and »225 for the SL400R receiver.

Sensor Link has recently been on show at Sensors Expo, Cleveland, USA - winning Best of Show Category. Sensorlink was chosen by the panel of judges who were impressed by the innovation and simplicity with its "plug and play" approach. Working demonstrations were well received by visitors who participated in putting the product to the test.

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