Giant magnetoresistive sensors in a big new kit

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Article publication date: 1 June 2000




(2000), "Giant magnetoresistive sensors in a big new kit", Sensor Review, Vol. 20 No. 2.



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Giant magnetoresistive sensors in a big new kit

Giant magnetoresistive sensors in a big new kit

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Rhopoint Components Limited, the company that provides specialised high precision products to the electronics industry, has announced the availability of a specially packaged evaluation kit for its ranges of giant magnetoresistive (GMR) sensors (see Plate 7).

The kit enables engineers to evaluate the performance and possibilities for GMR sensors and includes everything needed to set up application trials in the laboratory or on the test bench. The kit comes with 12 sensors ranging from 15 Oe/5 kOhm field types to 250 Oe/5 kOhm field gradient sensors. Also included are four PCBs, two ceramic disc magnets and two sintered ALNiCo magnets. In short, the kit has all that is needed to demonstrate the sensors' functions.

Plate 7 Specially packaged evaluation kits for ranges of giant magnetoresistive GMR sensors available from Rhopoint Components Ltd

GMR sensors outperform other sensing technologies such as Hall Effect and anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR). Essentially, the sensors work because of the giant magnetoresistive effect that changes the electrical resistance when stacked layers of ferromagnetic and non-magnetic materials are exposed to a magnetic field. GMR sensors are ideal for linear or rotary speed detection, linear or rotary position sensing, current sensing and magnetic field sensing.

The sensors provide exceptional temperature stability, deliver high signal levels, require very little power and are exceptionally compact.

For further information contact: Chris Binsley, Rhopoint Components Ltd, Holland Road, Hurst Green, Oxted, Surrey RH8 9AX, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1883 717988; Fax: +44 (0)1883 712938; E-mail:

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