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Internet page

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Kinetic Imaging

Kinetic Imaging supplies and designs electronic imaging systems, provides expert advice and quality solutions based on proven high quality hardware, in-house software development skills and scientific applications expertise. Kinetic works with many leading companies and researchers to bring the best imaging applications to market. They can provide solutions for still image capture, printing and archiving to video-rate digital storage, replay, editing and dynamic analysis. Kinetic Imaging products are modular and are designed to grow with the customers needs, budget and demands.

This Web site contains details of news and events, product and hardware information, sales, a Guestbook, contact and company information, an excellent links page and job vacancies. The links page provides links to suppliers, journals and researchers, Winzip 6.2, Adobe Acrobat Reader and various dongle drivers.

Applied Spectral Imaging

Applied Spectral Imaging has developed a new approach to imaging called SpectraCube® a worldwide patented spectral imaging technology which combines conventional imaging with spectroscopy. SpectraCube® has the ability to reveal information normally invisible to conventional imaging systems.

SKY™ has changed the field of cytogenetics (medical diagnostics) by allowing every chromosome, marker and translocation to be colour coded without previous knowledge of the chromosomes involved. New applications in pathology, microbiology, haematology, gene-based cancer detection systems and catheter-based endoscopic systems as well as remote sensing and other fields are currently being developed.

This is a very good site and worth the time spent visiting it.

Optronic Laboratories, Inc.

Optronic Laboratories has been designing and manufacturing research-grade light (UV/VIS/NIR) measurement solutions for 30 years. They provide both standard and custom products and services to satisfy the most demanding light measurement applications, from the characterisation and compliance of the most sophisticated NVIS instrumentation to tanning beds.

Products, applications, services, feature topics, links and a library can all be found on Optronic Laboratories, Inc. Web site.

Abstract - Frank A. Boyle

"Acoustic returns from different types of structures can appear very similar, making acoustic image classification difficult. Current research is aimed toward developing novel methods of generating acoustic images that convey relevant information for target identification and classification. A colour-mapping method (Boyle and Chotiros, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 99(4), 2553(A) (1996)), which maps an image's spectral content into colour has been applied to several examples of broadband acoustic data, with apparent success. Structural features that produce similar echoes in amplitude and duration often emerge with clear differences in colour according to their spectral signature. Possibilities for using colour to convey acoustic properties other than spectral content are also being explored. One such method maps the phase of a signal into colours, while another is based on wavelet filtering of signals."

In-Harmony Technology

In-Harmony Technology Corporation aims to research, refine the engineering and to promote the commercialisation of all aspects of advanced technology related to photonics. Formed as the successor of Photonics Research, who focused on research into photonics, In-Harmony currently conducts research into and develops products in automatic product inspection, fibre sensors, fibre filters, fibre modulators, holography, holographic optical elements, hybrid neural network based analysis of spectroscopic signals, machine vision, medical and environmental sensors, neural network based digital image analysis, optical computing , optical instrumentation, and signal processing spectroscopy. Application areas for this work includes biomedical diagnosis, communication and radar, displays, environmental sensing, industrial process control and automation, and semiconductor fabrication.

In-Harmony Technology Corporation's products include: Venus3D, a 3D Camera that is able to rapidly digitise live objects in one shot, LightProbe, a new portable device for on-line surface profile, dimension, and roughness and SpecID, a powerful software tool for displaying, manipulating and analysing multi-spectral images which can be run on Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms.

This is another interesting site that is well worth visiting.

Hyperspectral Data Analysis: an Adventure in High Dimensional Convex Geometry

Written by Joe Boardman, Chief Geophysicist and Co-Founder of Analytical Imaging and Geophysics (AIG) Limited Liability Company, this site is an interesting introduction to hyperspectral remote sensing concepts and sensors.

OKSI Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

This is the Web site of the Hyperspectrum News Letter, Volume 3, Number 1, February 1997, a Special Issue which looks at the technology and applications of spectral imaging. The news letter reviews the activities at OKSI related to imaging spectroscopy and presents current and future applications of the technology.

Hot sites

USGS Spectroscopy Laboratory

Using laboratory, field, airborne and spacecraft spectrometers, researchers at the USGS Spectroscopy Laboratory are studying and applying methods for identifying and mapping materials through spectroscopic remote sensing, on the earth and throughout the solar system.

This site has plenty to read and should be of interest to a wide range of people.

RSAT- Remote Sensing Advanced Technology

RSAT is an educational and commerce site which demonstrates the capabilities of SWS, Inc. This excellent site contains an extensive array of 3-D imagery, highlighted applications and graphic tutorials about satellite imagery. There are 3D Virtual Reality Landscapes of Kauai, Belgrade, San Francisco and Seattle, colour infrared satellite imagery in the mountains of western Canada and imagery of Washington, DC, New York, Atlanta, Tallahassee, Sacramento and Tucson. The format of the site makes it suitable for a wide range of people, from school children to professionals and academics.

SWS, Inc. can provide consultancy, feasibility studies, cost analysis, project management, imagery and DEM's, 3-D viewing software, 3-D data sets and more.

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