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Article publication date: 1 October 2003



Randall, R.M. (2003), "Star search", Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 31 No. 5.



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Star search

In this issue of Strategy & Leadership all the authors are stars of the strategic management field and all of them have new ideas to share:

  • Russell L. Ackoff, Anheuser-Busch Professor Emeritus of the Management Science in The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, has authored or co-authored 22 books and several hundred articles that have appeared in professional journals. Ackoff explains how leaders can effectively use a tool called idealized design to discover unique business opportunities for growth and renewal.

  • Adrian Slywotzky, a senior partner of Mercer Management Consulting and co-author of How to Grow When Markets Don't, is one of the most sought-after management conference speakers. Slywotzky explains how a demand innovation strategy propelled a number of firms to stellar growth records.

  • Darrell Rigby, a director of the international consulting firm Bain & Company, published the first Bain Management Tools Survey in Planning Review (the predecessor of Strategy & Leadership) in 1993 and has directed eight more annual surveys since then. This survey of senior executives found sharp increases in tool use by companies around the world.

  • Noel Tichy, who ran GE's Leadership Development Center at Crotonville from 1985-1987, is currently director of the Global Leadership Program at the University of Michigan's Business School ( Tichy believes that CEOs must be intimately involved in teaching their teams.

  • Jon Katzenbach, former director at McKinsey and Co. (now head of his own firm), is the co-author of the business best seller The Wisdom of Teams. Katzenbach provides guidelines for making pride a strategic asset, a theme he expounds on in his latest book.

  • Chris Deri served on Vice President Al Gore's advisory team. Deri shows how CEOs can work in harmony with another powerful class of stakeholders-activists and advocacy organizations that skillfully research and then campaign on various social and political causes.

Strategy & Leadership is indeed fortunate to have the support of such distinguished contributors.

However, we are also committed to an ongoing star search for unheralded practicing managers who want to publish case studies about their experiences with cutting-edge strategic management tools and practices. If you have participated in such a project and want to write about it for S&L, no matter whether it turned out well or not we'd like to hear from you. Or if you know managers or consultants who have completed an interesting strategic management initiative, tell them about our star search. We look forward to learning about the novel strategic ventures and leadership adventures of practitioners worldwide.

Finally, it's my pleasure to congratulate one of our own stars, Strategy & Leadership Contributing Editor Robert J. Allio, who has just published his fifth book, The Seven Faces of Leadership.

Robert M. RandallEditor

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