Editorial notes and queries

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Article publication date: 25 October 2011



Chalcraft, T. (2011), "Editorial notes and queries", Reference Reviews, Vol. 25 No. 8. https://doi.org/10.1108/rr.2011.09925haa.001



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Editorial notes and queries

Article Type: Editorial notes and queries From: Reference Reviews, Volume 25, Issue 8

Notes on key reviews in this issue

  • AllMusic.com (RR 2011/382). The music equivalent of the Internet Movie Database, claiming to have entries for 2.2 million albums, 20 million tracks and 81,000 biographies. At time of review moving to new interface (All.Rovi.com).

  • Arté Público Historical Collection: Series 1 (RR 2011/391). Major new digitisation project by EBSCO in partnership with Arté Público Press covering primary texts recording the literature, political life and culture of Hispanics in the US from the earliest days of colonization to 1960.

  • ASLIB Directory of Information Sources in the United Kingdom (RR 2011/351). Now published biennially by Routledge, this UK reference standard remains the best source for tracing specialist information, despite structural inconsistencies and the lack of an electronic version.

  • British Qualifications 2011 (RR 2011/357). Another British reference standard, available in all but the smallest general UK reference collections, this guide is now in its 41st annual edition and is also available as an e-book.

  • Dictionary of Scientific Principles (RR 2011/376). The work of one individual, Stephen Marvin, this Wiley title provides definitions for approximately 2,000 scientific “laws”. Includes a supporting section on “Applications”, an A-Z sequence of scientific topics and the principles relevant to them. Bears some resemblance to the recent Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws and Theories (RR 2009/131).

  • Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions (RR 2011/377). Unique reference from University of California Press covering plant and animal species that have become invasive outside of their original habitats.

  • Encyclopedia of Disaster Relief (RR 2011/359). First significant general encyclopedic work on this topic. Available online (as reviewed) or as a two-volume printed set.

  • The Encyclopedia of the Novel (RR 2011/370). One of the components, alongside the already released Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural Theory and Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Fiction, of the electronic Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Literature (RR 2011/324).

  • Encyclopedia of the Vampire (RR 2011/371). One of several new reference titles relating to “vampires”. Some overlap with the recent Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology (RR 2011/158) which focuses on non-fictional vampires.

  • Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Beliefs, Customs, Tales, Music and Art (RR 2011/360). Expanded edition of a title first published in 1997. Will stand comparison with The Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Folklore and Folklife (RR 2006/306).

  • The Territories of the States of India (RR 2011/398). Second edition of this title (first edition 2002 (RR 2003/102)) in a Europa (Routledge) series that also includes The Territories of Indonesia (RR 2010/249), and the much more frequently updated The Territories of the Russian Federation (RR 2009/299).

Tony Chalcraft

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