Notes on key reviews in this issue

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Article publication date: 9 August 2011



Chalcraft, T. (2011), "Notes on key reviews in this issue", Reference Reviews, Vol. 25 No. 6.



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Notes on key reviews in this issue

Article Type: Editorial notes and queries From: Reference Reviews, Volume 25, Issue 6

  • ALA Guide to Sociology and Psychology Reference (RR 2011/260). The first in a projected series of guides from the American Library Association based on the new Guide to Reference database (, successor to the classic Guide to Reference Books.

  • Artefacts Canada (RR 2011/298). Freely accessible database offering 4,000,000 holdings records and 800,000 images for items held by Canadian museums, historical societies and other heritage institutions.

  • Concise Encyclopedia of the Great Recession 2007-2010 (RR 2011/269). The first printed reference book (also available as an e-book) on the recent global economic crisis and no doubt the forerunner of others. Librarians should note the “concise” label – this encyclopaedia does not provide comprehensive treatment.

  • The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology (RR 2011/261). Derived from the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (online and print (11 vols.)) (RR 2008/109).

  • Dictionary of Fashion History (RR 2011/286). Another title published to accompany the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion (online as Berg Fashion Library (RR 2011/184)). Revises and updates A Dictionary of English Costume 900-1900 (1960).

  • Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development (RR 2011/255). Another major set from Springer available in three printed volumes or as an e-book. More comprehensive (and expensive) than The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development (RR 2006/064) and a recent alternative to The Gale Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence (RR 1998/060).

  • Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity (RR 2011/256). A welcome two-volume encyclopaedia in an area of Christianity not hitherto subject to much recent reference attention apart from the same publisher’s (Wiley-Blackwell) The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity (RR 2008/055).

  • Every Day of the Civil War: A Chronological Encyclopedia (RR 2011/296). From the same author as Chronology of the American Revolution (2008) and American Revolutionary War Leaders (RR 2010/192).

  • Gale Encyclopedia of American Law (RR 2011/262). Third edition of this major reference for US law libraries reviewed here in its online version. Previously published as West’s Encyclopedia of American Law.

  • Oxford History of Western Music (RR 2011/289). The Oxford University Press programme of making major histories available online continues with this electronic version of Taruskin’s major printed set (based on the five vol. paperback (2009)).

Tony Chalcraft

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