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Marsh, R. (2004), "Note from the publisher", Reference Reviews, Vol. 18 No. 8.



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Note from the publisher

For 2005, Emerald Group Publishing Limited will be launching the world’s largest collection of peer-reviewed business and management journals, Emerald Management Xtra. As well as more than 100 research journals, the Emerald Management Xtra collection also features independent reviews of papers published in 300 of the world’s major English language business journals, plus a newly developed range of online support services for researchers, teaching faculty, academic authors and others.

Emerald Management Xtra will be sold on subscription, primarily to libraries serving business schools and management departments, with online access to research papers and faculty services networked throughout an institution.

Designed in consultation with an international working group of business academics, Emerald Management Xtra is intended to consolidate the library’s position at the heart of a university’s research and information needs. In addition to nearly 40,000 research papers published by Emerald journals over the past ten years, Emerald Management Xtra features help for aspiring authors of scholarly papers, advice on research funding, reading lists and lecture plans for academic teaching faculty, and an online management magazine for business students and teachers. An online, moderated information exchange will also allow interaction with other researchers internationally.

Helping academic institutions and business schools perform better

Input and advice from heads of research and deans and directors of business schools have helped focus Emerald Management Xtra on academic productivity improvement and time-saving, which is seen as particularly useful given the increasing pressures on academic time today. Building on the success of the Emerald FullText collection, available in more than 1,000 business schools and universities worldwide, Emerald Management Xtra puts the latest thinking, research and ideas at users’ fingertips.

“Already, 95 of the FT Top 100 business schools in the world subscribe to Emerald journals or the Emerald Fulltext collection,” said John Peters, editorial director of Emerald. “We will find over the coming years that Emerald Management Xtra will be an essential part of any credible business school or management faculty. You can’t get all Emerald management and library information journals in full and in their current volumes from anywhere else; you can’t get the support services we offer to faculty and the academic community anywhere else. We can even help you plan your conference travel through the world’s largest independent register of academic conferences in business and management, Conference Central. We developed Emerald Management Xtra by asking academics, librarians and directors around the world what their biggest challenges were, we then put solutions in place to address them.”

Integrated search and publishing innovation

An important part of the Emerald Management Xtra collection is an integrated search facility of Emerald-published papers with Emerald Management Reviews, which features nearly 300,000 independently written summary abstracts from a further 300 of the world’s top business and management journals. This allows quick and easy summary of the relevant management literature.

From 2005, both Emerald journals and Emerald Management Reviews will feature Structured Abstracts. A first in management publishing, structured abstracts provide a consistent structured summary of a paper’s aims, methodology and content. Used successfully in many medical and scientific journals, structured abstracts allow a quicker assessment of an article’s content and relevance, thus saving researchers time and effort.


Emerald is already recognised as a world leader in offering value for money from its online collections. Research undertaken by a large US library purchasing consortium showed that the Emerald portfolio was “best value” of any publisher collection, based on the ratio of usage and downloads to subscription price.

Unlike most other publishers, the Emerald Management Xtra portfolio is entirely subject-specific – focusing just on business and management (whereas other publisher collections contain a diverse range of subjects in sciences, social sciences, arts and so on). This means that Emerald Management Xtra gives superb value to business schools and management departments, with no subject redundancy.

Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Established for more than 30 years, Emerald Group Publishing has its headquarters in the north of England, with sales offices in the USA, Malaysia, Australia and Japan. Emerald was founded as Management Consultants Bradford, later MCB University Press, as a spin-off from the University of Bradford business school, by faculty and alumni, and has maintained a tradition of having academics, former and current, as key decision-makers and advisers.

Emerald journals are almost exclusively international in scope, with around 75 per cent of all authors coming from outside the UK.

More than 100 of the Emerald Management Xtra journals collection are traditionally peer-reviewed. The Emerald Management Xtra journals collection is completed by a small number of secondary digest titles and practitioner-focused magazine titles. Emerald Management Xtra includes long-established titles such as the European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Documentation, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Management Decision, Personnel Review, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, and the Journal of Consumer Marketing.

Emerald Management Xtra is available now. Contact Emerald for more information. E-mail: Tel: +44 1274 777700. Mail: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Toller Lane, Bradford BD8 9BY, UK.

Rebecca MarshHead of Editorial

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