Malvern particle characterization systems help Sweden’s YKI connect colloid science with product formulation

Pigment & Resin Technology

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Article publication date: 13 September 2011



(2011), "Malvern particle characterization systems help Sweden’s YKI connect colloid science with product formulation", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 40 No. 5.



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Malvern particle characterization systems help Sweden’s YKI connect colloid science with product formulation

Article Type: New products From: Pigment & Resin Technology, Volume 40, Issue 5

Sweden’s YKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry, a subsidiary of the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, is combining the benefits of the Mastersizer 2000 and Zetasizer Nano particle characterization systems from Malvern Instruments, in order to aid their customers in developing stable products with improved physical properties. Specializing in industrial research in applied surface and colloid chemistry, the group has been set up to close the gap between formulation and colloid science, by applying the principles of colloid science to industrial and pharmaceutical product development. Particle size measurement is essential in the rapid and effective characterization of colloidal products, and YKI researchers find the commonality across Malvern Instruments’ characterization systems, with their consistent, easy-to-learn interfaces, especially advantageous. The ability to combine techniques allows them to characterize samples over a very wide size range, enabling entire processes to be understood from raw material selection through to final products. This insight can help improve product properties such as surface finish for paints, mouth feel for foods and controlled bioavailability for pharmaceuticals. Additionally, zeta potential measurements can help with understanding the requirements for product stability, especially for emulsion-based systems.

Laboratory Engineer, Eva Sjöström, is responsible for overseeing YKI particle characterization laboratory systems. “From the perspective of the wide-ranging applications of an ‘open’ laboratory, particle sizing using systems from Malvern Instruments is very easy,” said Eva. “The software is really easy to use, easy to understand, and doesn’t take long either to learn or teach.”

“At YKI we offer particle sizing as both a routine measurement service and also as part of a quality check, stability assessment, or process monitoring exercise. For example, by establishing how stable or unstable your emulsion or grinding pigment is, by studying the effect of changes in basic physical parameters, you can quickly assess if your process is running efficiently or not.”

“We have been Malvern customers for many years and are very happy with the service. Whenever I have an application question or a technical issue, however complex, I simply call them. They respond very, very quickly and are always able to help. Both the ease of use delivered by Malvern technology and the backup support mean that, at YKI, we do not look further than Malvern when seeking to purchase new particle sizing systems.”

YKI’s client contract service is located in a research facility on the campus of Sweden’s Technical University (KTH) in Stockholm, close to Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institutet Medical University. As well as acting as a research facility for local PhD students, the YKI laboratory covers a spectrum of business activities from product and process development to trouble-shooting or analysis of literature search, including qualified measurements, such as surface analysis and particle size determination ( For further information on Malvern’s Mastersizer or Zetasizer systems please visit:

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