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Automotive Paints and Coatings

Author/Editor: Hans-Joachim Streitberger and Karl-Friedrich Dössel

Price: £110.00

ISBN: 9783527309719

Now in its second edition and still the only book of its kind, this is an authoritative treatment of all stages of the coating process – from body materials, paint shop design, and pre-treatment, through primer surfacers and top coats. New topics of interest covered are colour control, specification and testing of coatings, as well as quality and supply concepts, while valuable information on capital and legislation aspects is given. Invaluable for engineers in the automotive and paints and coatings industry as well as for students in the field.

Failure Analysis of Paints and Coatings

Author/Editor: Dwight. G. Weldon

Price: £100.00

ISBN: 0471490725

Written by an analytical Coatings Chemist and consultant with 18 years of experience solvent coatings problems, this is the first book that is devoted entirely to failure analysis of these problems. It deals with field and laboratory methods (both analytical and physical) involved in determining the causes of premature paint and coatings failures in the commercial and industrial arena. Practical examples are included to show both the thought processes behind such investigations and how the individual techniques complement each other.

Handbook of Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry (two volume set)

Author/Editor: Krister Holmberg

Price: £395.00

ISBN: 0471490830

This handbook is the only reference work of its kind in the important field of applied surface and colloid chemistry. Unique in scope and including an enormous wealth of mainly practically orientated information, it treats the topic in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Written by an international team of scientists, this work will be essential reading for all those in industrial and academic institutions carrying out colloid and surfactant research, development and manufacture.

Billmeyer and Saltzman’s Principles of Colour Technology (3rd edition)

Author/Editor: Roy S. Berns

Price: £76.95

ISBN: 047119459X

The 3rd edition of Billmeyer and Saltzman’s Principles of Colour Technology combines the clarity and ease of use of earlier editions with two decades of advancement in the theory and technology of colour. Defining colour as “a certain kind of light, its effect on the human eye or (more important of all) the result of this effect in the mind of the viewer”, the book offers detailed coverage of colour, colorants, the coloring or materials, and reproducing the colour of materials through imaging.

Supplemented with copius numerical examples, graphs and illustrations that clarify and explain complex material, as well as sidebars that present technical details in a well-organised, accessible manner, this excellent and exciting introduction for newcomers to the field is also a valuable reference for experienced colour technologists, colour specialists, chemical and industrial engineers, computer scientists, research scientists and mathematicians interested in colour.

Applications of Synthetic Resin Latices (three volume set)

Author/Editor: H Warson, C. A. Finch

Price: £475.00

ISBN: 0471560367

Volume 1 surveys the fundamentals of polymer chemistry, the principles and practice of emulsion polymerization and the resulting latices and their properties in relation to the requirements of specific applications.

Volume 2 describes the principles of the formulation, manufacture and application properties of water-based emulsion paints and related surface coatings.

Volume 3 covers the principles and practice of use of latex-based systems in building and construction products, paper coating, textile treatment, polishes, leather finishing and other specialised applications.

The Coatings 100 (2nd edition)

Information Research (IRL) has recently published a 2nd edition of its world paint industry and market review study, The Coatings 100. The publication is available in two volumes: part 1 provides an overview and up-to-date contacts for the world’s top 100 paint companies and part 2 is a complementary volume which provides a statistical compendium of the world paint market in 2006.

The global paint market, as characterised on the basis of 90 countries being counted, amounts to just over 36 million tonnes, giving mean per capita paint consumption around the world at almost 6.6 kg/head, as seen in Table I.

Table I World paint consumption and per capita paint consumption by region, 2006

Assuming mean per capita paint consumption of 6.6 kg/head and a global population of 6.6 billion, true world paint demand can be estimated at 43.4 million tonnes or approximately 34.7 billion litres:

  • Almost all of this rapid growth stems from the China effect, although the rising markets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East also have a cumulative effect on the total.

  • The data show the three main paint-consuming regions of the world passing through a point of roughly equal demand, with Europe, Asia and The Americas accounting for roughly 11.2 million tonnes or around 31 per cent each of world paint demand.

  • Hereafter Asia will emerge as the largest continental market after years of steady growth, although it should be noted that fantastic growth prospects in the Middle East make it the region with the highest mean per capita paint consumption figure.

The top ten of everything in the coatings markets around the world for 2005/2006 is summarised in Table II.

Table II The world top ten of everything in paint supplies 2005/2006

The Coatings 100, 2nd edition is now available from IRL, priced €2,000. The two individual volumes detailing the companies (part 1) and the statistics (part 2) are available to buy individually, price €1,000 each.

Sections from the report, priced individually, will soon be available to purchase online at IRL’s web site:

New study concerning the global antioxidant market

They may only be required in small amounts at any one time, but nevertheless they are absolutely necessary: without antioxidants, many products would not last very long, and many plastics could not even be manufactured without their protective attributes. Antioxidants also have the ability to slow the deterioration of rubber and adhesives. Acting as stabilizers, they are also useful in facilitating the production of fuel and lubricants. In lipstick and other fat-based cosmetics, they can also be used to prevent rancidness (Figure 1).

Figure 1

The market research company, Ceresana, has devoted its latest study to the industrial application of antioxidants. It presents more than 500 pages of quintessential information about the market, which reached a worldwide volume of 0.88 million tons and a value of US$3.7 billion (€2.4 billion) in 2007. With an annual growth rate of 3.9 per cent, the volume of antioxidants is expected to reach 1.25 million tons in 2016.

The comprehensive market report discusses more than 25 areas of application and their respective amounts of demand, divided by global regions. It not only examines 90 types of antioxidants and their detailed technical attributes, but also company profiles of the 68 most important manufacturers. The market study is now available in English or German exclusively from Ceresana Research:

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